Disar Galleon Santiago de Compostela Build

Customer Glenn Stanfield chose Disar Model’s Santiago de Compostela Spanish galleon kit to be his first wooden sailing ship model, and he began his build with a kit he purchased from us back in August of 2021. Here it is, August 2022, and we just discovered that he’s been keeping a very nice build log on the ship model forum Ships of Scale.

Photos of Glenn Stanfield’s Santiago de Compostella build, posted here with his permission.

Glenn began his model back in September of 2021. It is his first wooden model ship build, and we think he’s doing an awesome job with it.

As a first time wooden ship modeler he’s faced some new challenges, but he’s done a great job overcoming them. Particularly impressive is how well he made the unusually shaped upper gun ports. That must have taken a lot of careful filing.

The finish of the deck is quite nice, and the planking shows some nice planning while using slightly different colored deck planks. Not sure if this is a feature of the kit – you’ll have to read his build log to find out more.


Read the full content of his build log and following along with his progress here: https://shipsofscale.com/sosforums/threads/santiago-de-compostela-disar-model-1-72.8166/

If you’re inspired to build your own Santiago de Compostella model, we have them in stock and ready to ship at Ages of Sail here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/santiago-de-compostela-(disar,-1-72).html


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