Vanguard Models’ HMS Speedy and Copper Sheathing

If you haven’t heard the news, there’s apparently a worldwide shortage of copper that is affecting the ability for some companies to source thin copper sheets. As a result, Vanguard Models has altered their HMS Speedy kit, which included photo-etched copper plates for the hull. Their new HMS Speedy kit, dubbed version 3.5, now includes a supply of adhesive backed copper tape instead.

Fortunately, for those who really want the kit with the copper plates. We still have two of the original HMS Speedy kits in stock, with the photo-etched copper plates included.  But, after these two are sold, all future HMS Speedy kits will be the 3.5 version with the copper tape.

We’ll make sure our product listings make this change very clear when it does happen.

Click here to purchase HMS Speedy

For those not familiar with this kit or the product line. The kit is one of 10 kits produced by accomplished kit designer Chris Watton’s company Vanguard Models. All kits in this product line are extremely well engineered, features lots of laser-cut and laser engraved details, include only the finest materials, and are provided in 1/64 scale. All detailed instructions are in English, and while pricier than some kits, are some of the finest wooden ship model kits in the industry.

Click here to see our full line of ship model kits from Vanguard Models


One thought on “Vanguard Models’ HMS Speedy and Copper Sheathing

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    One of the victims of an apparent copper shortage, or maybe it’s only a copper sheet shortage. Not sure which. But, looks like Vanguard Models has had to modify their HMS Speedy kit to include copper tape, rather than photo-etched copper sheet.

    Apparently, Ages of Sail’s current stock of Speedy’s are kits that still have the copper plates, but I don’t expect these will last long.


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