Taking Another Look: Navio Rayo Gun Section Kit

It was about 3-1/2 years ago that Ages of Sail first introduced this new line of Spanish wooden model kits to North America. Among the first batch of kits was an often overlooked wood model kit of a section of the 18th-century Spanish warship Rayo. The Rayo was an 80-gun ship-of-the-line built in 1746.  The ship was rebuilt in Cartagena in 1803, transforming her into a three-decked ship of 100 guns.

If you’re interested in getting the kit, you’ll find it on our website here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/navio-rayo-s.xviii-puesto-de-combate,-wooden-kit-by-disar,-20148.html

Soon after, the Rayo joined the coalition of French and Spanish ships sailing out of Cadiz on 18 October, 1805. Three days later the combine French and Spanish fleet encountered the British fleet under Admiral Lord Nelson off Cape Trafalgar on the southwest coast of Spain.

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Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – FINAL

Ship modeler Clare Hess has posted his final entry on building the Danish fishing boat Dana. The Dana is an entry level kit that is one of our least expensive kits. It features an ABS plastic hull and sub-deck, with wooden planks for the deck and wooden parts for the deck house roofs and companion ways, masts and spars. Included fittings are brass and plastic.

If you’re interest in building this kit yourself, you can find it on our online shop here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/dana-fishing-boat—billing-boats-bb200.html

Check out the full build log here: https://shipmodeler.wordpress.com/category/ship-model-build-logs/billing-boats-dana/

Ship Modeler

The next sails to go on the model are the staysail and jib, the two triangular sails at the bow. To each, a length of line is attached at the top and bottom ends. At the top end, or head, is the halliard, while the line at the bottom corner, or tack, is the outhaul.

With these lines run through their respective blocks and temporarily secured using painter’s tape, the sail can then be secured to the stays, the fixed lines that support the mast from the bowsprit. I used a needle to help thread the line through the leading edge of the sail, then I tied a knot around the stay, securing the knot with a dab of Aleene’s Tacky Glue. When dried, the excess line can be trimmed away. Just be careful not to accidentally cut the stay itself.

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Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – Part 14: Mounting the Main and Mizzen Sails

After a long absence, the Billing Boats Dana build is back again! Ship modeler Clare Hess has been working on this simple build off-and-on for a while, and is back to it, showing readers a simplified rigging of the first of the sails.

Ship Modeler

The end of the year is drawing very near and it’s time to finish up the Dana build. All of the deck work is done at this point, and it’s time to mount the sails. I’m beginning by finishing the booms and gaffs. The booms are the spars that secures the foot of the sail. The gaff is the spar that secures the top or head of the sail.

The booms have to have a single block attached to each, so that the line that controls the angle of the sail to the wind, the sheet, can run through it and through a sheet block attached at the deck. Meanwhile, the gaffs need a length of line with both ends attached to it. One end is attached near the end of the gaff, and the other end is attached about 1/3 of the way down the length of the gaff. Both…

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Big Amati and Mantua Shipments Just In

As if the holiday rush isn’t keeping us busy enough right now, we just got in a big shipment from Amati today of 8 pallets. Then, only a few hours later, we got another big shipment from Mantua!

Today’s Amati shipment.

Today’s Mantua shipment, only a few hours later.

It’s going to time for our staff to sort through and get everything input into our inventory system. So, if you’re waiting for an out-of-stock product from Amati or Mantua to show up on our website, you’ll have to be patient a little while longer, as our priority is to fulfill customer orders during the holiday rush.

But, don’t worry, our elves are working very hard to get everything done!


Holiday Shipping Times

Our facility is currently shipping out orders Monday-Friday, below is the timetable for shipping deadlines for Christmas delivery. We advise ordering as early as possible as weather and the pandemic can cause delivery delays.


Service Date
USPS Priority Express Dec. 20
USPS Priority (East Coast) Dec. 18
USPS Priority Hawaii / Alaska Dec. 13
USPS Priority (Central) Dec. 21
USPS Priority (West Coast) Dec. 22
USPS Priority International Dec. 4
USPS Priority International Express Dec. 16
FedEx Home Delivery/ Ground (East Coast) Dec. 14
FedEx Home Delivery/ Ground (Central) Dec. 21
FedEx Home Delivery/ Ground (West Coast) Dec. 22
FedEx Express Saver Dec. 20
FedEx 2Day Dec. 21
FedEx Standard Overnight Dec. 22

Kolderstok’s Speel-Jaght Now on Sale

It wasn’t more than two weeks ago that we announced that we’d received a new shipment from Kolderstok, replenishing our supply of the Dutch kits, including the popular Duyfken ship model kit. Well, it seems that there must have been some ship modelers out their waiting for this kit to be back in stock again, and they all sold in a very short time.

Well, that’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ve just listed the most recent release from Kolderstok, the Speel-Jaght!

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

The new Kolderstok kit is a 1/50-scale model kit of a type of boat that began to appear in the early 1600s, as people began sailing, not just for commerce or fighting, but for the joy of sailing, and pleasure yachts began to appear.

This is the smallest and least expensive of the Kolderstok kits, unless you include the Bijboot, ship’s boat kit. The kit includes laser-cut frames and some parts, walnut planking, dowels for the masts and spars, rigging material, blocks, all necessary fittings, sail material, and photo-based instructions with text in Dutch, English, and German. Stand is also included.

According to Kolderstok, this kit is a difficult level of 1 on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being easiest.

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

Order your Kolderstok Speel-Jaght kit for only $129.99 at Ages of Sail here.

Check out the entire Kolderstok line of wooden model ship kits here.

Or check out one of the many other wooden ship model kits we carry at Ages of Sail!

Shipments Just In – November 6 Update

Those of you who have been wanting to buy one of OcCre’s popular HMS Terror or HMS Beagle kits will be glad to know that we just received a big shipment of these kits, which we’re hoping will last us through the holiday season.

Terror, as you may recall, is the British bomb vessel turned Arctic explorer and was part of the ill-fated Franklin expedition, which disappeared in the search for the Northwest Passage.

OcCre's HMS Terror

OcCre’s 1/75-scale HMS Terror wooden ship model kit

The deck of the Terror

The ship was also the subject of the first season of AMC’s anthology television series, The Terror, which told a fictional account of the disappearance of the Franklin expedition. This model kit is based on the same information used to create the sets for the TV series, so fans of the show will recognize many of the details, such as the deck lights, the heavy rigging, the companionways, etc. OcCre’s 1/75-scale model measures just over 26-1/2″ long and includes a full set of pre-sewn sails.

OcCre's HMS Terror

Terror’s stern showing the accommodations made to the ship for the propeller.

Buy HMS Terror here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/occre/occre-ship-model-kits/hms-terror-occre-oc12004.html

But, of course, many people have been waiting for us to restock OcCre’s HMS Beagle kit. This kit is, in our opinion, the ship model kit that most closely recreates the ship that carried famed naturalist Charles Darwin on a voyage of exploration and discovery into the Pacific Ocean.

OcCre's HMS Beagle

OcCre’s HMS Beagle kit

OcCre's HMS Beagle

Beagle’s forecastle deck showing carronade

This 1/60-scale wooden ship model kit is another of our most popular kits, which is why we keep running out of them. This model measures just over 28″ when complete, and the kit that we sell includes a set of sixteen pre-sewn sails.

OcCre's HMS Beagle

Buy HMS Beagle here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/occre/occre-ship-model-kits/hms-beagle-(occre-1:60).html


Schwarzer Rabe Customer Pics

Last week, we described sending out a Shipyard paper model kit to a ship modeler who was stuck in a place where he had no ship modeling projects available and no tools. We got these photos in today to show how much progress he made in a couple weeks time during his isolation.

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

The customer described the most difficult process so far was the fitting of the interior deck pieces. Apparently, these were a very tight fit, and some trimming was necessary in order to fit them in more easily.

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Also, a couple mistakes were make in adding the hull lining layer, with a pair of pieces accidentally swapped between the right and left sides. Perhaps as a result of this, corresponding pieces on either side of the hull ended up too small somehow, so the builder cut new pieces from scrap paper. This apparently worked perfectly, and the build continues.

This kit, the Dutch Fluit Schwarzer Rabe is one of several paper model ship kits we carry from Shipyard of Poland. This particular kit is available as a stand-alone kit, or as one of two models included in the Battle of Oliwa “Opponents” series kit (the other being the Papegojan). Due to some over sight, the Battle of Oliwa set isn’t on our shop site. It is in stock however, so expect to see this corrected shortly. Ω

Amati’s Big Bismark Kit – Coming Soon!


Launched in 1939, the battleship Bismark was Germany’s latest weapon in its war against the Allies. The ship was armed with a main battery of eith 15-inch guns mounted in pairs in four turrets. Her secondary armament consisted of twelve 5.9-inch guns, sixteen 4.1-inch guns, sixteen 1.5-inch guns, and twelve 20mm anti-aircraft guns. The ship carried a crew of 2000 men, displaced over 50,000 tons fully loaded, and measured over 800 feet long, overall. Now, Amati is about to release the most ambitious model kit of this famous World War II fighting ship.


Specific details of this kit aren’t available at this time, but we do know that this is a BIG KIT. We expect its release VERY SOON and we should have them in stock in time for Christmas.

Amati Bismark

This kit is, by all appearances, the definitive model kit of the German battleship Bismark and it can soon be yours. Keep checking back here for further announcements. We will post updates as soon as we get more information, so stay tuned!