Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part 2

A model of Amati’s Swedish Gunboat kit, AM1550, under construction. This small kit is relatively inexpensive, but challenging. These gunboats were armed with a single, rear-firing cannon, and used in squadrons for coastal defense in the late 18th century. Similar boats were used by other European nations as well. Check out the Amati kit, in stock now, at Ages of Sail.

The Ship Modeler

While this is a group build that I’ve been working on together with 4 other people in a local group of ship modelers, a couple people have fallen behind and we haven’t had a group build meeting in many months now. So, I decided I should be making some progress. I know a couple others have made headway on their projects, and I figured I should get caught up a little.

I began by working on the gratings and also planking the main deck piece, which glues onto the top of the hull. The kit includes walnut for the planking. Some builders had been discussing the idea of planking the deck piece topside and bottom side, since it’s just a piece of thin plywood. I decided just to plank the topside. The only visible issue of plywood is the edge, but that is to be covered with a small walnut…

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Mantua’s Armed Launch, Lancia Armata

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Amati’s Master Cut Tool

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Amati’s 1:60-scale Mayflower Kit

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Free Amati Parts Replacement

Ages of Sail has been the official North American distributor for Amati Model for many years now. We carry the full range of ship model kits, specialty model kits, miniature figures and busts, ship model fittings, wood supplies, ship model plans, tools, and accessories.

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But, did you know that as the North American distributor for Amati Model, we are able to provide our customers with free replacement parts should you break or lose a part from your Amati model kit, including their line of Victory Model kits.

This applies to any Amati model kit you purchased from us or one of the retailers we supply. When you contact us, be sure to indicate the specific model kit, a description of the missing or broken part (a photo or scan from the plans or instructions is helpful), and the purchase date and retailer name.

Buy your Amati kit with confidence, at Ages of Sail!

Big Shipment Just In!

Ages of Sail just got in 6 pallets of products and we need to make room!

Just arrived is one pallet of kits from Disar Model of Spain, one pallet from Constructo of Spain, two pallets of ModelCraft Tools and two pallets of kits from Caldercraft.

We’ve been running low on Caldercraft and a lot of items were marked as “out of stock”. Well, it’s all in stock now! RC kits, Nelson’s Navy and Heritage Series kits.

Check them out at Ages of Sail.

Here’s a sample of some of the kits we got, in time for the holidays…

Caldercraft HMS Snake

Caldercraft HMS Snake

Caldercraft Mary Rose

Caldercraft Mary Rose


The big 1/72-scale Caldercraft HMS Victory


Caldercraft’s HM Brig Supply


Caldercraft’s RC Model Marie Felling

almejera adriana

Disar Mode’s Almejera Adriana

navio rayo

Disar’s Navio Rayo combat station


Constructo’s US Coast Guard Training Bark, USCGC Eagle


Constructo’s schooner Altair


Expanded Line of Kits from Constructo of Spain

Do you keep looking at the available kits and just having a hard time finding your next build (or maybe one of the many after that)? Constructo kits had become increasingly difficult for us to stock, so we decided to import them directly. Ages of Sail has just listed a number of kits from the popular ship model kit company.

Constructo’s lineup include classic plank-on-bulkhead wooden kits like the Cutty Sark, HMS Victory, and Bluenose II. But, Constructo also has a large number of kits with a wide range of skill requirements, assuring you’ll find something that’s a perfect fit for you.

For those just starting or looking for a fun and quick build, there are the kits from Constructo’s 8-hour Series. These kits feature pre-built and pre-painted polystyrene hulls. Just add the deck and details, add masts, rigging and sails. Check out the Virginia, Dominica and Swift from this series.



Looking for something a bit more meaty? How about the U.S. Coast Guard training ship Eagle? Or the Gorch Fock? These kits also include pre-painted and pre-built plastic hulls, but details and rigging are a lot more involved.


USCGS Eagle features pre-painted plastic hull, with the challenging rig of the 3-masted barque.

Or, if you prefer working in wood, but want something not too overwhelming, you might consider the Altair or the Carmen. These beautiful small ships feature plank-on-bulkhead construction, but have the simpler fore-and-aft rig of the classic two-masted schooner.


The Altair features wooden hull construction with a simple schooner rig.

Whatever your skill level and interest, we think you’ll find something you like in the lineup from Constructo of Spain. Check them out now at Ages of Sail.

Ages of Sail at the NRG Conference

This October will mark the 4th time Ages of Sail has participated in the annual gathering of the Nautical Research Guild. This year, the conference takes place in San Diego. While it’s still a bit of a jaunt down to sunny Southern California, it kind of bring things back home for us – our first NRG conference was in San Francisco back in… 2011, maybe? Since then, we’ve been at the conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2014 and Mystic, Connecticut, in 2015, and now San Diego, California, in 2016.


The Ages of Sail table at the NRG Conference in St. Louis in 2014


The Model Showcase and Vendor Room at the NRG conference in Mystic in 2015.

This year, the event takes place October 6, 7, and 8, at the Doubletree Hotel, San Diego Downtown. We’re planning to bring a full staff this time around, expanding our coverage, and our ability to help out our ship modeling customers quickly. And, in addition to our Ages of Sail table, we’re also setting up a Model Craft Tools table. So, if you’re going to be in the area, consider attending the conference. And, if you’re attending the conference, be sure to stop by our table and say ‘hi’ and meet the staff!

For more information about the Nautical Research Guild and the NRG Conference, visit


HMS Mercury in 1/96 Scale – The Next Paper Model Project

Ship modeler Clare Hess begins his next paper model project, Shipyard’s HMS Mercury.

The Ship Modeler

Having completed Shipyard’s HMS Alert kit, it just didn’t feel right to not have a paper model to work on. There’s something about the simplicity of paper that is just too darned cool!

Of course, I have plenty of wooden ship model projects, but it’s nice to have a paper model going in the background. As with other background projects I’ve had in the past, there is no rush to get it done. There’s also nothing that says I have to ever get it done. But, having completed the Alert, I can see taking on another kit and carrying it to completion.

Now, I have Shipyard’s Super Modellar Plans (that’s Shipyard’s spelling, by the way, not mine) for the Santa Leocadia, a Spanish 38-gun frigate in 1/72 scale. The “Super” part of that title means that the plans include the laser-cut frames and some other items to give you…

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Bay Area Ship Modelers’ Group Build – Amati’s Swedish Gunboat

Here’s a great way to get your ship model club members to actually work on ship models and generate some good discussion!

The Ship Modeler

It’s not enough that I belong to two long-standing Bay Area ship model clubs, the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights and the South Bay Model Shipwrights, but a couple years back, I got together with a couple local people I met on the ship modeling forums and we started a quarterly get-together that mostly meets at the Naval and Historical Museum in Vallejo, California.

Recently, a couple of us discussed the merits of having us all, or at least a group of us, working on the same kit, but each person with his own model. The idea was that we could better discuss techniques and problem solving if we were all dealing with the same issues at, more or less, the same time.

Being that physical location of the ship model store and distributor Ages of Sail is pretty local to all of us, we decided to go with…

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A Completed Paper Model

If you’ve never built a paper model before, here’s an example of one that was recently completed by one of our customers. This is the 1/96-scale model of the British Navy cutter HMS Alert, built from a kit by Shipyard of Poland.









This model began as any other paper model kit. Everything is paper except the cannon barrels and the sails and spars. The sails are cloth, the cannon barrels are aftermarket brass cannons painted black, the masts and spars are wood. There are also some small improvised details, like wire handles for the windlass handles and a piece of window screen mesh used for the skylight frame.

The photos below show the laser-cut framework and the similarities between this company’s kits and wooden ship model kits.




One of the biggest advantages of the Shipyard paper kits is that the line of Paper Model kits is very inexpensive in comparison to wooden ship model kits. These kits require a lot of cutting and gluing, but the visible parts are pre-printed in color. You just have to supply your own dowels for the masts and yards. And, if you choose to add sails, you will have to provide your own cloth, etc.

Meanwhile, the line of Laser Cardboard kits are boxed edition kits that contain everything you need to build them including pre-cut, pre-printed sails, dowels for masts and spars, turned brass cannons, and cast resin figurehead. The parts are all laser cut from plain white card stock. Paints and paint brush are also included.


Try one out today! For younger builders, check out the lighthouse kits. They’re a lot simpler to build than a sailing ship, and make nice, fun projects.