Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 8

Progress continues on this beautiful 1/72-scale model of the 10-gun brig-rigged “snow” HMS Wolf, built from Shipyard’s laser-cut card model kit.

Seeing the cannons coming together is always a fun part of any ship model kit. And, like with any ship model kit, there is some work that must be done with fine wire, but the results look pretty awesome here.

This post also shows one way to make eye bolts from wire, but it is not the only way.

Do you have a favorite method to share?

Ship Modeler

After taking something of a pause on this project while deciding on the color scheme on deck, I did manage to do a bit of work on some various sub-assemblies. But, as far as the color scheme goes, I’ve decided on red gun carriages and wheels, as well as red hatch coamings. The kit instructions call for just about everything else on deck to be painted red, including the ship’s wheel, but I’ll make a final decision on that and on the binnacle when I get to their construction.

Riding bitts and hatches temporarily fit into place, but showing my final paint scheme.

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New Kits from Artesania Latina Now in Stock

Artesania Latina fans rejoice! This week, we just received our shipment of kits from Artesania Latina, which includes two newly revised kits that we think you’re going to really like. The company just relaunched a completely revamped version of their expert level kit, the first rate line of battle ship Santa Ana, as well as the ever popular, and long missed intermediate level kit of the newly revised American Baltimore clipper Harvey!

112-gun first rate warship Santa Ana.

The ever popular Baltimore clipper schooner Harvey

Both kits in stock and ready to ship!

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A Local OcCre Endurance Build

One of our local customers, veteran ship modeler Paul Reck, who heads up the Hyde Street pier Model Shipwrights group in San Francisco, is working on a commissioned build of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s exploration ship Endurance. The model is being built from OcCre’s 1/70-scale wooden kit, and Paul was nice enough to provide some photos of the model, under construction in his workshop.

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Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 7

Don’t know how we missed this one. Here’s part 7 of the HMS Wolf build that we’ve been following closely.

HMS Wolf is a 1/72 scale laser-cut card model kit from the Polish paper model kit manufacturer Shipyard. This is a very detailed kit, like all of Shipyard’s laser-cut kits we sell. The kit has just about all the parts pre-cut, unlike with wooden kits, even the hull planks.

Those who are interested in this build, but want to make something a little simpler should consider the popular 1/72 scale HMS Alert kit.

Probably of similar complexity, there is the schooner Berbice or the Santa Maria. There’s also the Dutch pinnace Papegojan, thought it may be slightly more complex than the Wolf.

And, for those that want the ultimate in detail and complexity, there is the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Mercury.

Find them all here:

Ship Modeler

As I mentioned before, apparent progress on the HMS Wolf model has slowed significantly, due to the fact that everything I’m doing now is essentially off the model. I’m now working on various sub-assemblies, and some of these I’m starting to do out of order.

The next parts that actually need to go on the ship are the sweep port covers and the four deck hatches. I painted and then assembled the sweep port cover, which simply requires adding some very thin black paper parts for the hinges. This was rather slow going, as the hinges are very tiny and very delicate. One has to be extremely careful not to lose parts, as there are no spares provided in the kit. I apply Aleene’s Tacky Glue to the sweep port cover with a thin brush, then use the tip of the brush to grab the hinge and to set it…

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Making an American Flag using Adobe Illustrator

We don’t expect everyone to have access to the software to be able to do this. But, this is one way to make your own flag.

Of course, if you don’t have the software, you should be able to download an appropriate image on the Internet and print it on your color printer.

Ship Modeler

I’ve been taking a little time off of work since I’ve been actually pretty productive with ship modeling and other personal tasks. So, today, I finally decided to tackle the issue to making a flag for the American Gunboat model that I’ve been working on.

My Amati American gunboat model, nearly finished, but in need of a flag

The Amati kit includes a flag, but it doesn’t look like anything I’d seen before, with 13 stripes and 17 stars. The only flag I was really aware of from the War was the type that flew over Fort McHenry during the British bombardment and was the inspiration for our national anthem. That one was 15 stars and 15 stripes, but the Amati kit flag had me second guessing things as I realized that, after all, the U.S. at that time had more than 15 states.

The flag included in the Amati…

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New In Stock – Barking Fish Carrier, Ranger 1864 – Vanguard Models

Just in stock is the latest ship model kit from Chris Watton’s Vanguard Models, the Ranger, a Barking Fish Carrier. Replacing the earlier well smacks, the fish carriers transported fish just caught from the fishing fleets and raced them back to the markets, requiring the best speed to assure fresh catch. So, boats like the Ranger were fast and had very fine lines.

Vanguard Models' Ranger - Barking Fish Carrier

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An Upgraded OcCre HMS Beagle Build

Like many people these days, Ollie S of Norfolk, UK, discovered wooden ship modeling when the Covid pandemic kept him from his other activities. After building OcCre’s San Juan Felucca kit as his first project, he got hooked on ship modeling and took on OcCre’s kit of the famous exploration ship HMS Beagle. This is, of course, the ship that carried naturalist Charles Darwin on voyages of discovery, leading to his writing of The Origin of Species.

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OcCre Flying Dutchman Kit Now In Stock – Introductory Special

OcCre’s newest kit has arrived and now available for immediate delivery! We’re offering this kit two ways: As a stand alone kit; and as part of an Introductory Special Combo set that includes the Flying Dutchman kit, the unique, custom display stand, and OcCre’s LED lighting set.

The new kit sells for $429, or you can get the Introductory Special combo set for only $479. That’s a savings of $70 off the individual components.

Check out OcCre’s Youtube video introduction to their latest kit…

Click Here to check it out at Ages of Sail!

Amati Gunboat “Arrow” Build – The Sails Again

It’s good to see this build of Amati’s American Gunboat “Arrow” back again after a long hiatus. This post shows the adding of the reef points to the sails.

This War of 1812 era gunboat is an interesting and unique subject, and Amati’s intermediate level model makes for an interesting display.

If you’re interested in building this kit, you can find it on our online shop here:

Ship Modeler

It’s been a while since I posted about the Amati American gunboat “Arrow”. As you can see in the photo below, I have the model mounted on a cherry wood base that I cut and routed the edge.This photo is from a ship model meeting back in March of this year, and shows the sails installed with the final rigging lines going in.

Unfortunately, I am not one to leave well enough alone. The kit plans show two reef bands on each sail. Also, the sails turned out a bit small for the lateen yards. Finally, I didn’t like the run of the brails, the ropes used to haul the edge of the sail in and up into the lateen yard.

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