Customer Gallery

Customers, please send us your latest photo of your ship model projects (up to 3 per model), completed or not. We’ll post them here to share with our readers. Don’t be shy!

Send them in JPEG format, and try to keep them to around 1280×960 pixels in size, or thereabouts. Make sure to include the name of the kit, as well as your own name and where you’re located (city and state). Just email them to us at

Note that we’re still experimenting with the best way to present these photos and this gallery maybe change appearance from time to time until we settle on a best method. Feel free to send us your suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Customer Gallery

  1. Hi David,

    I’m always glad to hear when someone is interested in getting into building wooden ship models. My advice on getting started usually depends on your experience with model building, building any sailing ship models in plastic, and building any wooden models at all. If you’re a raw beginner, consider a kit from the American company Midwest. These are boat models with very good instructions and are relatively quick to build. We have a large selection of them at Ages of Sail. This will give you a sense of working with wood, paints and stains and on the sailing craft like the Skipjack or the Sharpie Schooner, etc., gives you a taste of rigging.

    The next level is to go with a simpler Occre kit like the Felucca San Juan

    There are other choices that we put together into starter combo sets that you should take a look at too. These should make good subjects for a first model, though the pricier ones are much more involved than the cheaper ones. The 1/80-scale America’s cup kits make very good starters.

    It’s easier to give you some suggestions after discussing your interests a bit. I have your email address here, so I’ll send you a number you can contact me directly at if you’d like some more thorough advice.


  2. I’ve been a customer with Billing USA since 2009. though I was saddened to hear the company has been sold, I’ve found that it has gone to very good hands……love the customer service! my wife bought me the Sergal Thermopylae for Christmas. I haven’t started on it yet……can’t wait till I do…..a very nice kit. besides building the Midwest Maine Lobster Boat, this will be the second kit that is not a Billing’s kit. I enjoy the Billing kits very much!
    Denis >Popeye<


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