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2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Do you have ready made miniature ladders for sale?

    Building a San Francisco. XVII. Can’t figure out how to make a jig for making the Ladders.


    • Hello! You generally don’t need to make a jig to make the ladders. Usually these kits have notches cut to fit the ladder rungs. If you use carpenter’s wood glue, you should be able to glue the rungs into one side of the ladder and after that’s dried, glue the other side onto the rungs. The glue should provide enough tack to allow the parts to stick, but should also be flexible enough to allow you adjust the rungs as needed.

      But, to answer your question, we have ladders, but most are kits, like what you’re working with now. The only pre-made ones are plastic or metal. You can find the various ladders here:


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