Mantua Shipment Just In

We’ve been running low on our Mantua Models inventory lately, and if you’ve been eying one of their more popular kits, like the Royal Caroline or the Armed Launch, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been out of stock for a while.

Well, good news! We just received a big shipment of products from this classic maker of wooden ship model kits, and many of the best sellers are back.

Royal Caroline

Mantua/Panart’s Royal Caroline



Mantua/Panart’s Armed Launch, AKA Lancia Armata


Unfortunately, many European manufacturers are struggling to get the fittings, wood, and other items necessary to produce their kits. As a result, there’s still a large number of kits that we don’t have in stock, such as the Wasa, La Couronne, Albatros, and others. We’re keeping tabs on our suppliers’ inventories, so you can rest assured that we’re working on getting these other kits.

In the meantime, you might check out what we do have in stock now. And, if you’re looking for anything in particular, let us know!

Mantua/Sergal/Panart at Ages of Sail:



Big Amati and Mantua Shipments Just In

As if the holiday rush isn’t keeping us busy enough right now, we just got in a big shipment from Amati today of 8 pallets. Then, only a few hours later, we got another big shipment from Mantua!

Today’s Amati shipment.

Today’s Mantua shipment, only a few hours later.

It’s going to time for our staff to sort through and get everything input into our inventory system. So, if you’re waiting for an out-of-stock product from Amati or Mantua to show up on our website, you’ll have to be patient a little while longer, as our priority is to fulfill customer orders during the holiday rush.

But, don’t worry, our elves are working very hard to get everything done!