Two More New Easy Build Kits from Amati

Amati just released two more kits of their 1st Step series of easy to build ship model kits, bringing the series to a total of 6 kits.

Up to this point, we’ve had the Pirate Ship, the Elizabethan Galleon, the HMS Bounty and the Santa Maria. Amati has just added the Niña and the Mayflower, two famous ships that brought Europeans to the “New World”.

Amati’s 1st Step Mayflower


Amati’s 1st Step Niña

The new products are both about 1:135 scale like most of the 1st Step kits, and include pre-shaped hulls with a unique, self-aligning design that sandwiches a laser-cut board that includes the keel, stem and stern post, between two halves of the hull, making for a perfectly shaped hull.

The kit includes laser-cut parts, a variety of dowels and strip woods, wood and metal fittings, sail cloth, rigging line, a wooden stand and pedestals to display your completed model, and a printed sheet of flags, and in some cases, colorful hull decorations. Includes an easy to follow, fold-out sheet of step-by-step directions written in English and Italian.

Here are some photos of what you’ll get in a typical 1st Step kit, showing the 1st Step Elizabethan Galleon kit.





These are ideal starter kits and require only basic tools, glue, and paints. They also make great projects for more experienced modelers who just want something fun and quick to build.

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New Kits from Amati Model

Ages of Sail just received its most recent shipment of fittings and kits from Amati Model of Italy. In this shipment, we received 3 new kits, just released. Two kits are part of a new line of beginner kits called “1st Step”.

1st Step kits are designed for the first time ship modeler, whether young or old. The kits require no special tools to build and work out to be just about 11″ long. There are two kits in this series, the Elizabethan Galleon and the Pirate Ship. Start someone off on the road to ship modeling with one of these kits, or build it as a quick weekend project.


The Elizabethan Galleon from Amati’s new 1st Step line.



The Pirate Ship from Amati’s new 1st Step line.

The third new kits from Amati is not specifically designed for beginners, but is one that is relatively simple in design, a Spanish Carrack or Coca. This is an exciting addition to the Amati product line as it represents one of the few model kits of a 15th century ship.


Amati’s new Coca, Spanish Carrack ship model kit.

The Coca kit features laser cut frames and keel, double planking, sail cloth, fittings, and 16-page full-color building instructions. The completed 1:60-scale model measures just about 16″ long and high.

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