The Kedge-Anchor or Young Sailors’ Assistant

One of the classic books from the mid-1800s, The Kedge-Anchor or Young Sailors’ Assistant became the bible of the American sailor. Described as a genuine maritime classic, the book gives us a glimpse of the realities of shipboard life during the golden age of sail.

This work has been identified as culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. At Ages of Sail, we’ve carried this book for years now, as it gives model builders some context and better understanding of the ships they model and how they operated.

We’re mentioning this now, because we discovered that the book is no longer available in printed format from the publisher, only as an ebook (we don’t carry ebooks). However, we still have about a dozen copies of this Dover Publications edition in stock. When we run out, it is doubtful that we will be able to carry it again.

If you’re interested in getting your own copy, here’s the link to it on Ages of Sail: Ω






Shop Notes I is Back in Print

The popular Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes (book 1) was first published by the Nautical Research Guild in 1979 and has been out of print for many year, but it is now back in print and copies are In Stock at Ages of Sail!

From the NRG website:

The Nautical Research Guild’s Ship Modeler’s Shop Notes book, first published in 1979 and out of print for several years, is now back in print. This popular and insightful volume discusses the construction of ship models in numerous articles written by marine historians and ship model builders. Edited by Merritt Edson and assisted by Ben Lankford, Edward Mueller and Norman Rubin, the book is a compilation of shop notes and longer articles from out-of-print material contained in Volumes 1 through 25 of the Nautical Research Journal. This book has been a standard for ship model building, and highly acclaimed by professionals and beginners alike. The material has not gone out of date.

The articles are by notables such as Howard I Chapelle, Harold M. Hahn, Michael Costagliola, Ben Lankford, Merritt Edson, Dana McCalip, and many others. There are nearly 170 articles, 9 plans of hull lines and many drawings contained in 216 pages.

The content of this book is different from that of Shop Notes II, which is also available.

But them both now at Ages of Sail.