Wooden Kits from Shipyard

Shipyard is a Polish manufactures known for producing some extraordinary paper model kits and laser-cut card model kits. But, did you know that they also produce three amazingly detailed laser-cut wooden kits? The three kits are all medieval cogs, and they are very similar in design to the laser-cut card kits they produce. But, these are cut in actual wood veneer.

For wooden ship model builders, these will provide a fun and interesting challenge. They are very detail kits, with all the parts laser cut. That means you can build one of these kits with very few tools.

In Shipyard fashion, the closely spaced bulkheads are one major feature that makes these kits more closely resemble their card model cousins than traditional wooden ships with their limited number of bulkheads that easily create flat spots and possibly unsightly twisting to the hull. The large number of thinner bulkheads also means that you don’t have to worry about beveling the edges of the bulkheads the way you do with traditional wooden kits.

Another rarity among wooden ship model kits, though this is changing with the development of new kits, are pre-cut planks. So, you don’t have to struggle with learning how to properly shape and cut planks. In fact, just like with Shipyard’s laser-cut card models, there is almost nothing that you have to fashion from scratch. Everything is pre-cut for you.

You’ll be amazed at how detailed these kits are, and how well they are engineered. Laser engraving adds details down to the individual nail heads in the hull and deck planking.

Hanse Kogge von Bremen

Hanse Kogge von Bremen

Kogge von Kampen

Kogge von Kampen

Wütender Hund

And, just to show that you too can build a beautiful model from one of these kits, here are some photos of the Wütender Hund kit built by ship modeler Chris Coyle…

Shipyard’s wooden Wütender Hund by Chris Coyle

Shipyard’s wooden Wütender Hund by Chris Coyle

Shipyard’s wooden Wütender Hund by Chris Coyle

All the cog kits, are made in 1:72 scale, so if you like, it should be easy to populate your model with commercially available medieval figures. To check out these wooden medieval cog kits at Ages of Sail – Click Here.

For a full listing of all the Shipyard kits we carry, including paper and laser-cut ships, light houses, dockyard accessories, etc., you can find them at Ages of Sail here. Ω

Shipyard’s Hanse Kogge von Bremen – Card Model Progress

We wanted to share some progress photos of a build of the Hanse Kogge von Bremen laser-cut card model kit. This kit comes from the Polish manufacturer called Shipyard. It is a 1/72-scale model kit of the Bremen cog, a well preserved ship from 1380 that was uncovered in Bremen, Germany in 1962.

This particular model is still under construction by ship modeler Clare Hess, and you can read about the model his build log on the NRG’s Model Ship World forum here: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/23434-hanse-kogge-by-catopower-shipyard-172-scale-card/

The kit itself is one of Shipyard’s laser-cut models, which means that all the card stock parts are all pre-cut and just need to be cut from the provided sheets. Take a look at this progressing of photos of the model’s construction. Hopefully, we’ll be able to show you some photos of the model once it’s completed.

Shipyard now produces laser-cut cog kits in both card and wood. Both feature parts that are laser-cut, and the kits are in the same 1/72 scale. At present, the cog models are the only ones that are available in wood. The card kits require painting using techniques outlined in the kit instructions to simulate wood. The wood kits can be left natural or enhanced with stains or clear finishing products.

For other types of ships, most subjects, except for the cogs, are available in paper kit format. These kits provided all parts printed out in color on heavy paper, and require you to cut out the parts, and in most cases the parts need to built up with layers of paper or cardboard up to a require thickness. These require more work than laser-cut kits, but are less expensive, and with pre-printed paper, the parts usually need only some coloring of the paper edges.

Whether paper, laser-cut card models, or laser-cut wood models, these kits are ideal for those without a lot of tools or space. They can be built on a small desk with little mess.

Check out the cog kits at Ages of Sail here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/paper-kits/cog-kits.html

Check out the full range of Shipyard kits at Ages of Sail here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/paper-kits.html