Realistic Blocks Now Available at Ages of Sail

The blocks included in ship model kits haven’t changed a whole lot over the ages. That’s because they’re small wooden details that weren’t easy to produce in a fashion that looked much like real blocks used on ships. There are things you can do to make blocks look better, like spinning them in a special tumbler, which can improve the shape. For most of us, that’s probably fine.

In recent years, newer methods have been incorporated in the mass production of wooden blocks for ship models, and we are proud to announce that we’re now carrying high quality pear wood blocks produced by Master Korabel!

How do these blocks compare to the standard kits blocks? You can see this for yourself. Below are some single sheave blocks. Can you tell which ones are Master Korabel and which is not?

We carry all sizes from 2mm to 5mm of single-sheave and double-sheave blocks. They come in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm and are sold in packs of 10.

These blocks are pricer than standard kit blocks, and they’re not available in larger sizes. But, they are ideal for brigs, schooners, ketches, and such, as well as smaller scale models of larger ships. But, mainly, these provide an option to add a higher level of detail and realism to your models than was possible before.

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