Amati Victory Models’ Fifie Build Video

We recently noticed that there’s been a long running build log of the construction of the Fifie from Amati’s Victory Models line. Amati’s kit is a big 1/32-scale model kit of the classic Scottish fishing boat.


Amati Victory Models Scottish Fifie Fishing Boat


The series of Youtube videos consists of 13 parts, plus an intro and a kit unboxing. The final video was posted just last month. This particular build included an RC conversion of the kit, which is clearly possible given the large size of the hull (27.6″), but it wasn’t specifically designed for it, so some modifications are required, which the builder incorporated.


Amati’s Fifie is actually one of three Fifie kits we carrie at Ages of Sail. In addition to this one, we also carry Caldercraft’s 1:40-scale Motor Fifie kit, which actually IS designed for RC operation, and a newer 1/64-scale Sailing Fifie kit from Vanguard Models.



Amati Victory Models Fifie Kit


Check them all out along with our large selection of ship model kits, book, plans, fittings, and more at Ages of Sail.

Vanguard Models Shipment Received

After a long hold up by the shipping company, we finally received our shipment from Chris Watton’s Vanguard Models company in England!

Vanguard Models, as you may already know, is one of the newest ship model manufacturers on the market, and already they make some of the finest kits available. Their kits are popular, interesting, and challenging. But, Chris has gone out of his way to make the kits as easy to build as possible, providing clear instructions in english, and advanced engineering, using computer aided design to come up with ways to simplify construction.

HMS Speedy

HMS Speedy, shown above, is a model of a 14-gun British Royal Navy brig. We ran out of stock of these following the holidays, so we’re happy to announce that they’re back in stock, and ready to ship to you!

There are four other ship model kits available from Vanguard Models besides HMS Speedy: HMS Flirt, HMS Alert, the Royal Yacht ‘Duchess of Kingston’, the Scottish Zulu ‘Lady Isabella’ and the Scottish Fifie ‘Lady Eleanor’.

HMS Flirt

HMS Alert

Duchess of Kingston

Scottish Zulu ‘Lady Isabella’

Scottish Fifie ‘Lady Eleanor’

Detailed instructions are provided in english, with lots of photos to help you through every step of the build. Below is a sample of one page from the Duchess of Kingston kit’s 80-page instruction set.

Want to see more from the instructions? Download the whole set in pdf format here.

Check out all five of these wonderful kits from Vanguard Models, in stock now, at Ages of Sail: