Special Savings on Amati’s Hunter Q-Ship

Ages of Sail is offering big discount pricing on Amati’s Hunter Q-Ship. Now $40 off the already low price of $139.99, making this high quality kit only $99.99. Order while supplies last!

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Q-Ship “Hunter”

This is a wooden model of a typical Q-Ship used in WWI and WWII in an effort to lure German submarines to attack them. Ships like this were equipped with deck guns that were disguised or hidden, making the vessel look like a helpless merchantman. When a U-boat closed in, hungry for the kill, the Q-Ship would quickly reveal it’s armament and attack.

Amati’s kit is well detailed with lots of photo-etched brass parts, as well as other wood and cast metal fittings. The hull is of plank-on-bulkhead construction with

This kit features a lot of etched brass parts and hidden armament under removable covers. A very unique model. You can buy the kit separately or as part of a combo set that includes tools, glue, and a book on ship modeling.

Order Combo Set #5

(Note that we’re waiting for a shipment of tool sets for the combo set)

Check out these photos of a model built by a shipmodeler for Amati.

Up to the challenge? Order yours and make sure to send us photos of your completed model!

Order the Q-Ship “Hunter” Kit


New Kit from Amati -1/32 scale Fifie

While Amati has been busy with development work on their fantastic new Orient Express Sleeping Car kit, we haven’t seen a new ship model kit from them for a little while, until now.

Amati’s latest kit represents a type of traditional fishing boat developed on the east coast of Scotland, and mainly engaged in the herring fishery. These boats characteristically featured a plumb stem, a long, straight keel, and wide beam – a configuration that made them very stable sailers.

Amati’s Fifie motor fishing boat is the latest release and, like the rail-bound previous release, this kit is a nice big 1/32 scale. At this large scale, the plank-on-bulkhead wooden model kit measures over 27″ long and just over 17″ high. As part of Amati’s Victory Models Line, it has been extensively researched and carefully designed. The kit features Amati’s highest quality materials and includes color illustrated step-by-step building instructions and detailed plans in English.

Amati’s newest addition to the Victory Model Line has been designed specifically for any type of model maker, and as such it is a perfect kit for those who want and expect a little more. All fittings, masts and rigging have been researched using contemporary sources and the most up to date reference material avaliable to make the kit as accurate and as detailed as possible. The kit contains laser cut keel and frames, Amati wood and metal fittings, step by step color building instructions and detailed plans in English.

This is a beautiful kit that lists for under $300, and you can find it on our online store here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/amati-kits/victory-models/scottish-fife-(amati-1:32).html


HMS Terror – New Kit from OcCre of Spain

We just received our first shipment of the newest kit coming out of the Spanish ship model kit maker OcCre, HMS Terror.

HMS Terror was a Royal Navy Arctic exploration ship which, together with HMS Erebus, set out in 1845 under the command of Sir John Franklin to find the Northwest Passage. This ships never returned, and for 168 years, nothing was known about the fate of the expedition. Then in 2016 the wreck of HMS Terror was finally discovered.

The Terror was the subject of a novel of the same name by author Dan Simmons and a currently running television series on AMC, with the first episode having aired in March 2018.

This authentically scaled model from OcCre is based on the work of the talented ship modeler Matthew Betts, who’s scratch built model of HMS Terror can be seen in detail on his blog site http://buildingterror.blogspot.ca.

But, you don’t have to delve into scratch building to make your own model of the Terror, as OcCre’s kit has all the parts and fittings to make a beautifully detailed replica of this famous ship.

OcCre’s HMS Terror is a 1/65-scale plank-on-bulkhead, wooden ship model kit that measures 26.6″ long and 19.8″ high when complete. Every detail has been accounted for, from the large number of shrouds used to support the masts, the protective reinforcement plating on the bow, the unique diagonal deck planking, and more. And, of course, there are the quality woods and fittings that go into every OcCre kit, plus their illustrated, step-by-step instruction booklet. All for only $149.


Our initial supply of this kit is limited, so hurry and get yours now! But, if you miss out, there’s no need to worry, we have more coming soon.

Still not sure? Check out these photos showing some of the details of this kit


Two Billing Boats kits just added, Frigate Jylland and HMS Warrior

We’ve carried Billing Boats kits for quite a while, but we’re working now to expand our retail selection of these kits. There will be more Billing Boats kits forthcoming, including a couple fairly recent releases. But, for now, here are two classic warships from the transitionary period between sail and steam, the Danish frigate Jylland and the British iron-hulled warship HMS Warrior.

Both of the original ships are still in existence  and represent the last ships of their kind. They are available for public access, so you can still walk the decks of these beautiful vessels. And, if you can’t get to them, there should be plenty of photos on the Internet to help you make the most accurate build possible.

In fact, here are a couple photos we found on the web…

HMS Warrior

Frigate Jylland

Both Billing Boats kits are “Expert” level models, so we don’t recommend you attempt them without a fair amount of experience. The kits feature plank-on-bulkhead construction and include laser-cut frames. Many major parts are also laser cut. Fittings provided included wooden blocks, and fittings in brass, wood or plastic fittings.


The Frigate Jylland, BB5003

The frigate ‘Jylland’ was the last warship of the Danish Royal Navy built of oak. It was launched on 20 January 1860. ‘Jylland’ was also the first steam-powered, screwdriven ship and at an engine out-put of 400 hp was able to reach the then impressive speed of 12 knots. A noteworthy feature that should be mentioned is that the screw could be raised up into a ‘screw- well’ so that it did not slow the ship down under sail. On 9th May 1864 ‘Jylland’ fought in the Battle of Heligoland against a fleet of Austrian and Prussian ships. King Christian IX used the ship on various visits to Iceland and Russia. The 2450-ton ‘Jylland’ had a hull lenght of 71m (96m overall) and a beam of 13,5m. The ship had a crew of between 405 and 437 men, depending on the ship´s duties, and carried 44 muzzle-loaded cannons. In 1960 ‘Jylland’ was towed by tugs from the naval base in Copenhagen to Ebeltoft. On 11 August 1984 it made its last voyage – into a new exhibition dock. After several years of restoration work, Frigate ‘Jylland’ was opened to the public. For those with an interest in ships and life at sea, this 130-year-old ship is certainly worth visiting.

The completed model measures 39.8″ in length and 24.8″ in height and sells regularly for $599. To celebrate the addition of this model, we’re taking 10% off, now through September 1st. We only have 5 of these kits available at the time of this writing, so act fast if you want to get one, especially at this price.


HMS Warrior, BB512

The Warrior was designed and built in response to an aggressive French shipbuilding program which saw the introduction of the first iron-clad warship La Gloire. The Royal Navy was determined to meet this challenge of supremacy and build a ship so superior in terms of quality, speed, size, armament and armour that it would be inconceivable to France that she could take Britain on in a sea battle. August 1, 1861, The Warrior was the largest warship in the world, at 9,210 tons displacement, she was fully 60% larger than the La Gloire. June 1862 she started active service in the Channel Squadron. In 1871 she was no longer the crack ship she had once been, and was downgraded to Coast Guard and reserve services. The Warrior was eventually converted to a floating school for the Navy and re-named Vernon III in 1904. By 1978, she was the only surviving example of the ‘Black Battlefleet’, the 45 iron hulls built for the Royal Navy between 1861 and 1877.

This is a BIG model! The completed model measures 57.9″ in length and 26.5″ in height and sells regularly for $755.95. Again, to celebrate the addition of this model, we’re offering the kit at 10% off, now through September 1st. We only have 13 of these kits in our warehouse, so we don’t expect to run out anytime soon. But, if you want to take advantage of the special pricing, make sure to act by September 1st!

Click the links below to check out the kits now at Ages of Sail:


BlueJacket is Back at Ages of Sail

While we’ve carried BlueJacket kits, for a long time, we only had a small handful of kits in stock. The problem with this is that there are so few American ship modeling subjects offered by the many manufacturers we carry, which are almost all from Europe. There are a few American subjects here and there, but for the most part, they are very few and far between. Also with the demise of the Midwest model boat kits, that left us with a lack of small boat kits.


The Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack. A big kit for display or RC.

So, we recently worked with BlueJacket to bring back the whole range of BlueJacket products. We’ve started listing them on Ages of Sail and we’re about half-way done.


3-Masted Schooner, Atlantic.

This gives us access to BlueJackets fine line of solid-hull sailing ships and power vessels, their new plank-on-bulkhead releases like the C.S.S. Alabama and U.S.S. Kearsarge, two of the finest kits on the market, plus the old Laughing Whale line of small boat kits.


U.S.S. Kearsarge


C.S.S. Alabama

What’s more, we finally have an nice kit of an American Clipper Ship, which is such an important symbol of American maritime heritage. It’s great to be able to include The Red Jacket on our list of products!


American Clipper Ship, Red Jacket, 1853.

Not to mention we now have what’s probably the most accurate kit of the frigate U.S.S. Constitution, in her War of 1812 configuration. This solid-hull kit is open from the gun duck up, allowing you to detail her interior – Another expert-level kit with over 2600 fittings!


We don’t have everything up online yet, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just give us a call or send us an email. We should have the rest of the BlueJacket line of kits online in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned and check them out at Ages of Sail.

Amati’s New Spanish Coca – A Closer Look

Amati’s latest release is the Coca or Spanish Carrack, a type of round hulled ship with large cargo capacity that was widely used to transport cargo in the 15th Century. The kit appears to be based on the famous Mataró ship model, a votive believe to have been presented to the Chapel of San Simón in Mataro, Spain. The model is now on display at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam.


An image of the Mataró Ship appears on a 1996 issued Spanish 5 ECU silver coin

The new kit from Amati featured a double-planked hull on a new style of laser-cut MDF frames that includes slotted longitudinal frames to give the hull more rigidity and improved alignment. Together with its simple rig and planking, this appears to live up to Amati’s labeling of it as an “Easy to Build” model. While that may be true, it still appears to make a lovely model. At 1/60-scale, the completed model is just over 16″ long and 16.5″ tall.

In addition, the kit includes a nice 16-page fully color-illustrated instruction book. While the instructions are written in Italian, a separate pamphlet includes all the text in English.

Here’s a peek into the kit, which is a real value…


Get your’s today at Ages of Sail.


New at Ages of Sail – Krick Model Kits

Krick is a German manufacturer of model boat kits with a line of static kits and R/C kits, including a U-Boat kit that actually dives. Ages of Sail just received a large shipment of assorted kits and accessories that are now posted on our website.

We’re currently in the process of updating our Krick listings, but check out these new kits from Germany:


  • Alert, U.S. Revenue cutter in large, 1/24 scale!





  • Gulnara, English built paddlewheel steamer used by Sardinian Navy

Each of the above display model kits has an optional set of pre-sewn sails available. Check them out along with the many other Krick products as they are added to our listings at Ages of Sail!


Mariefred by Nordic Class Boats – Ship Modeler Bob Burnside Shares His Photos


We just heard from one of our customers, Bob Burnside, that he recently completed his build of the s/s Mariefred, a 1/32-scale model of a Swedish coastal steamer.

According to the manufacturer’s website “s/s Mariefred is the steamship that is owned by Gripsholms-Mariefreds Ångfartygs AB and has been serving the route Stockholm – Enhörna – Mariefred since 1903. It is probably the ship that has been serving the same route for the longest consecutive years and still doing it with it’s original steamengine. The ship is an important part of shipping history in the lake Mälaren and it is in service every summer.”

Bob went an extra step and added interior LED lighting. You can visit his build log on The NRG’s Model Ship World.




In the last photo, while it is a daylight shot, if you look closely, you can see the LEDs Bob installed in the model’s interior. Compare this with the middle photo and you’ll definitely see the light!

This beautifully built model is just over 3′ long. If you’re interested in building one yourself, you can find it on Ages of Sail, the U.S. Distributor for kits from Nordic Class Boats. Ω

Occre’s Buccaneer Caribbean kit – A Quick Look


For some reason, pirates and pirate ships are very popular subjects these days. Who hasn’t enjoyed watching the swashbuckling adventures of the old days of Errol Flynn, or watched Treasure Island or even the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean films. There’s a reason that Disneyland has had the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride for so many decades. People just like the old swashbuckling villains.

Ship modelers like them too, so a number of manufacturers have come through, providing us with a range of pirate ships to choose from, and Ages of Sail has them all:

Occre Corsair

Amati Pirate Ship Adventure

Amati Pirate Junk

Occre Buccaneer Caribbean

In addition, there are kits of ships that were often associated with pirates, in particular, the Barbary Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea. These aren’t specifically pirate ships, but could easily be displayed as one:

Amati Sciabecco

Occre Cazadore

But there’s nothing like a classic pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger, and the Buccaneer Caribbean from Occre of Spain is just that. At Ages of Sail, we have a supply of these kits and we’re going to give you a little peek into what makes up the kit.


Occre’s Buccaneer is a relatively new kit. It is a 1/100-scale representation of a 16th century pirate ship. The completed kit measures 22″ long and just under 18″ high, so it should fit nicely on your bookcase or mantle.

The kit comes in a fairly compact box, only about 9″ by 18″ by about 2-1/2″ thick. It is solidly packed which helps keep the parts from shifting around and getting damaged in shipping. Cardboard flaps inside the box also help keep things from shifting around.


When you take everything out of the box, it’s hard to figure our how they got everything in there in the first place.


Wood strips come in three bundles and there appears to be a good supply of planking material.The laser cut parts look very cleanly cut. The sheets with the bulkheads are a very nice quality plywood and parts are tightly organized on them, leaving very little waste. The wooden parts that will be visible on the model are laser cut from nice darker colored sheet wood.



The rigging material is supplied on 10 spools in beige and dark brown. There is also a coil of dark heavy line which looks like it’s probably anchor cable.


Something seen in a lot of kits these days is photo etched brass. This is a nice way to provide very precisely designed parts made of thin brass. Generally, unless the parts are meant to represent decorative details, the brass parts need to be painted or chemically blackened using a metal toner.


You may notice in the above photo that there is a kink in the frame that’s holding the brass parts. This is only because the brass sheet was folded over in order to fit in the box. Clearly, this was done with care so that none of the parts themselves were bent. I unfolded the sheet for the photo.

The kit contains a number of small parts that come in a handy compartmentalized plastic box that helps keep the parts separated and safe from getting lost.


As you can see, there is a nice selection of small parts including deadeyes, blocks, grating strips, a one-piece cast metal ship’s boat, stern lantern, mast caps, belaying pines, eye pins, rings, nails, cannons and carriages and more.

The kit also includes a full set of pre-sewn sails, which will save you a bit of work when it comes to rigging the model.


And what is a pirate ship without a pirate flag!


And when it comes to plans and instructions to help you build your model, Occre doesn’t skimp at all. In addition to a full-color booklet, there are also numerous sheets of plans showing the parts layout, rigging detail, belaying locations and more.



Overall, this is a nice kit and a very good value at only $149. It’ll provide many hours of enjoyment for the builder and will look good on display once it’s finished.

Check out this and other kits of the Occre line including Ships, Trams, Trains and Accessories at Ages of Sail.