LED Lighting Kits for S/S Bohuslän Are In

Just got the word today that the LED lighting kits for the s/s Bohuslän just came in.

The s/s Bohuslän is one of the new kits from Nordic Class Boats. It’s a beautiful model of a Swedish coastal steamer built in 1913. The ship, like all the subjects in the Nordic Class Boats line, is still operating today. The model itself is a 1:45 scale model, probably close enough to 1:48 (1″=4′) to populate with O-gauge model railroad figures if you like. The model is just under 38″ long and is particularly unique in the availability of the LED kit.

s/s Bohuslän by Nordic Class boats.

s/s Bohuslän by Nordic Class boats.

Price and weight of the LED kit is yet to be determined, so it will take a couple days to get these posted on our site. If you need one, check back in a couple days and we should have them up.

In the meantime, the Bohuslän is available here: s/s Bohuslän. A detailed posting here of the kit content will be forthcoming.

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