Ship Modeler Kevin Kenny Posts How-To Videos

Kevin Kenny, a shipmodeler in Trinidad and Tobago (mistakenly reported as Florida initially), has been working on Caldercraft’s H.M. Bomb Vessel Granado, and has been posting videos to show how it’s done. The kit is a 1/64-scale wooden ship model of this beautiful ketch rigged ship. Kevin says his goal is to encourage more modelers to get involved in ship modeling or to start getting back into modeling. His videos are very informative and you can see them on Vimeo. Here is a link to all his videos:

  Here’s an image of the Caldercraft’s Granado kit that Kevin is building.


Caldercraft Granado on Ages of Sail

  There is also a very similar kit in the same scale by Amati Model. amagranado  Amati Granado on Ages of Sail

[Apologies for misspelling Mr. Kenny’s last name on the original post and for mis-reporting his location!]

One thought on “Ship Modeler Kevin Kenny Posts How-To Videos

  1. Reblogged this on The Ship Modeler and commented:
    The Bomb Vessel Granado is a beautiful ship and a fascinating subject. There are two kits of this ship, both in 1/64-scale, one by Amati Model and the other by Caldercraft. Both are high-end kits and beautifully done. The ship is well documented, and there is a book in the Anatomy of the Ship series on her.

    The Model Ship Builder website ( even sells a set of highly detailed plank-on-frame plans for building a cross-section model. I have them myself and they are VERY well done.

    I’d also like to point out that Caldercraft’s Granado kit has one of the most complete instruction books of any of the Caldercraft kits. Normally, this wouldn’t be saying much given the sparse written instructions they usually provide in their kits. People think that because English is the native language of the manufacturer that these kits have better English instructions than other manufacturers kits, but that’s definitely not true. But, the Granado is one of the true exceptions.

    Still, written instructions can seem complicated and confusing and Mr. Kenny’s videos are a nice way to learn more about building this fine kit.


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