Ship Model Kits for Kids

Ship modeler Clare Hess shares some thoughts on two kid oriented kits produced by Billing Boats. While they aren’t listed on our website yet, we do have them in stock. Give us a call if you’re interested, (510) 889-6000, or stop by our shop in San Lorenzo. We have lots of these two kits available, especially the Mini Osebergs. These would be great for class or other group projects. Also, a great way for a kid and parent to spend some time together.

Ship Modeler

One topic I see pop up from time to time in online ship model forums and in ship model club meetings is how to get kids involved in ship modeling. There is a lot of lamenting about how kids today aren’t interested at all and how that paints a bleak future for ship modeling.

I personally am not too worried about getting kids building ship models because, as a kid, I was never interested in ship models. I liked tanks, modern ships, aircraft and rockets. My own dad tried to get me into his area of interest, wooden airplanes. I tried building one on one or two occasions, but it never stuck with me, as much as he tried. Plastic kits were in my blood.

My interest in wooden ship models didn’t take hold until I was in my 30s and was as much a surprise to me as anyone…

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