Free Amati Parts Replacement

Ages of Sail has been the official North American distributor for Amati Model for many years now. We carry the full range of ship model kits, specialty model kits, miniature figures and busts, ship model fittings, wood supplies, ship model plans, tools, and accessories.

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But, did you know that as the North American distributor for Amati Model, we are able to provide our customers with free replacement parts should you break or lose a part from your Amati model kit, including their line of Victory Model kits.

This applies to any Amati model kit you purchased from us or one of the retailers we supply. When you contact us, be sure to indicate the specific model kit, a description of the missing or broken part (a photo or scan from the plans or instructions is helpful), and the purchase date and retailer name.

Buy your Amati kit with confidence, at Ages of Sail!

4 thoughts on “Free Amati Parts Replacement

  1. Hi, I am working on the AMATI Viking Ship DRAKKAR ART. 1406/01
    and I messed up the hull planking, can you please send me left and right wood planking sets 1002-S and I think it is D? I can remember when I purchased the kit as I put it up after messing up?? I think it was mid 2017 and I bought from Amazon, But I am at a point were I want to work on it again but need the outside planking.


    • Hello Richard,

      Ages of Sail provides replacement parts for its customers and for customers of Ages of Sail retailers. If this is the case with your model, please contact the store directly by email at

      Good luck with your Drakkar build! We hope you’ll provide some photos of your model when it’s done.


  2. I have a hannah ship in bottle i purchased many years ago. Am wanting to finish model but have misplaced hull. Can i still get the sheet with all the hull parts. If so i am at jim smith 1933 cypress creek road kerrville texas. My phone #is 210-379-5012. My email is
    Thinks jim


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