Nautical Research Journal – New Digital Subscriptions!

This is a good source of information for those of you who are working on ship models, but need to pick up more information and inspiration. In particular, for those who were subscribers to Seaways’ Ships in Scale, you’ll be happy to know that the NRG has acquired the rights to continue the articles that were only partway published when the magazine closed shop.

The NRG has expanded the Journal to make room for more ship modeling articles, including continuations of the Ships in Scale articles, and has just announced that they are now producing a digital edition.

Ages of Sail has been a long time advertiser in the Journal and is a proud sponsor of the NRG’s Model Ship World.

Ship Modeler

At least one person I know wouldn’t join the NRG because he didn’t want any more paper subscriptions piling up in his house. Well, those with similar feelings will be happy to know that they can now avoid the slow mailing system and piles of journals stacking up or getting lost by signing up for a digital subscription.

Digital editions are available as either a separate, lower priced, subscription at $40/yr, as opposed to the regular print subscription included with NRG membership of $50/yr, or as an add-on to regular membership and print subscription for an additional $15/yr.

The benefits to the digital edition are many. The subscription appears to be stored on-line, and you access the editions via the web. There is a large array of tools for searching, zooming, and scrolling through your magazine. There is a drop-down table of contents, if you want to jump straight to…

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