Amati’s Big 1/35-scale America’s Cup Challenger Endeavour

The America’s Cup sailboats have always been beautiful examples of speed and the sailing technology of the times, but nothing stands out as much as the famous J-boats of the early 1900s.

Amati model is a great source of models kits of these graceful boats, with more than a dozen America’s Cup kits to choose from. The grandest of these kits is the 1/35-scale model of the 1934 UK Challenger Endeavour.


We recently ran across this build log on The NRG’s Model Ship World by a modeler that goes by the screen name “cdrusn89”. He started posting his log at the end of August. Take a look at his progress only a few weeks into the build:

This is a BIG model that measures nearly 4′ long and 5′ high. At a scale of 1:35, it gives you a lot of opportunities to add all the detailing you want, but includes plenty of its own. This kit makes a great personal project that will make for a beautiful display piece in any room. It also makes a great gift for the seafarer or sailing buff in your life.

Note: Due to a recently negotiated deal with Amati Model, we have just reduced prices on all Amati kits. In this case, that means a reduction in price for this kit from $399 to $282.95. That’s a $116 savings – a 29% price drop! So hurry and get yours while we have them in stock!

We have several in stock right now. Get yours before the holidays! Here’s a direct link to this kit:

Looking for something a little smaller? Check out the full range of Amati’s America’s Cup collection:



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