H.M. Yacht Chatham by Shaun Au

I don’t know how this slipped past us. But, while cleaning up old emails, we discovered these photos sent to us by customer Shaun Au. The model is an incredibly well done model of H.M. Yacht Chatham built from the Caldercraft kit.

Caldercraft Yacht Chatham by Shaun Au

Clearly, the model was built by a ship modeler of great talent. But, it shows how beautifully one can build a relatively inexpensive wooden ship model kit.

The Yacht Chatham kit is part of Caldercraft’s Nelson’s Navy series, and all but one of the series (HMS Victory) is at a scale of 1:64. That makes this model just under 21″ long and about 18.5″ high.

Caldercraft Yacht Chatham by Shaun Au

The kit does not include sail material, nor does it provide any patterns or rigging materials. This ship modeler had worked out that part himself. Clearly, he’s done a marvelous job too.

Caldercraft Yacht Chatham by Shaun Au

Recreating the sails should not be a difficult process, but if you want to add them yourself, you’ll have to consult additional references, as patterns are not provided with the kit.

For rigging the sails, you might consider the book Rigging Period Fore-And-Aft Craft, by Lennarth Petersson, which includes a section on the cutter rig, which this is. But, again, you’ll need to create your own sail patterns if you want sails.

To build your own HM Yacht Chatham model, find the kit here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/caldercraft-ship-kit/nelson-s-navy/caldercraft-chatham.html

The model photos now appear on our Customer Gallery page.

4 thoughts on “H.M. Yacht Chatham by Shaun Au

  1. Hi.
    My name is Arthur Butler,
    I’m new to model boat building,and was wondering weather you had any other drawing plans on HM Yacht Chatham. I am on the 2nd planking and I’m a bit stuck on the main wale section, as the plans are not clear on how to fix the extra strip on the planking. Does it go on first before 2nd planking or after.
    Kind Regards.


    • Hi Arthur,
      I think you’ll find that one of the plan sheets in your kit shows a couple hull cross-section diagrams. One of them shows the layers of planking on the hull, and it shows the planking layers and then shows the wale planks on the outside of that. Check the drawing and you’ll see what I mean. Good luck with your model – I hope you’ll send us some photos when it’s done!


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