Vanguard Models – Now at Ages of Sail!

We at Ages of Sail are proud to announce that we are now the U.S. Distributor for the newest  line of wooden ship model kits from England,  Vanguard Models.

This company is a new venture by world-renowned kit designer and developer Chris Watton, who designed some of the industry’s most popular ship model kits. But now, with direct control of production, he is able to release kits with the best possible attention to accuracy in scale and detail.

HMS Alert

Begun in 2019, the recent release of his Scottish Fifie kit brings the number of available kits to four, with rapid development taking place on future kits. Currently, all kits are produced at the popular ship modeling scale of 1:64 (3/16″=1′).

Scottish Fifie

HMS Speedy

Scottish Zulu “Lady Isabella”

All kits feature laser-cut MDF hull framing, and double-planked hulls with the finish planking in pearwood. Decks come as detailed laser-engraved sheet. The full-color instruction booklets are written in english, as are the plan sheets.  And, all the kits include a custom designed clear acrylic stand for display of the finished model.

These are beautiful kits made primarily for beginning and intermediate modelers, but advanced modelers will also love the subjects, materials, and design, and will no doubt find unique and creative ways to make their own models even more special.

People interested in these kits should bear in mind that these kits are produced by a small company, and in relatively limited quantity production runs, so availability may vary greatly.

Check out the new kits at Ages of Sail here:



One thought on “Vanguard Models – Now at Ages of Sail!

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:

    Vanguard Models is a pretty exciting new line of kits designed and Developed by Chris Watton, who also did the design work for Caldercraft’s Nelson’s Navy series and Amati’s Victory Models series. Now, with his own company, he has more control over production, which means he can do more to provide the best in scale accuracy and detail.

    The fact that Ages of Sail is now carrying the kits, which I didn’t think they’d be able to do as the new kit producer is a small operation, is a big marketing plus for Chris Watton’s new company.

    Plus, as he releases new kits, it should provide him with a boost in guaranteed sales, which will hopefully help him recover his investment costs in research and materials more quickly.

    Of course, it all depends on how popular these kits turn out to be. But, from what I’ve seen, these appear to among the highest quality kits on the market. Plus, most Ages of Sail customers will probably appreciate that the instructions are all written in english!


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