Constructo’s Gjøa Back in Stock

I just received word that we are now stocking Constructo’s Gjøa kit. If memory serves me correctly, this is a plank-on-bulkhead wooden ship model kit that has been around for decades, but hasn’t been see here at Ages of Sail for a while.

This classic kit of Roald Amundsen’s Arctic exploration ship has been updated and now includes a set of basic tools plus pre-sewn sails. This 1/64-scale kit is considered one for the Advanced Beginner. The completed model measures a little over 19″ long and 18″ high.

In the years 1903 through 1906, the Gjøa was the first ship to successfully navigate the Northwest Passage. Other ships that attempted and failed include HMS Terror of the 1845 Franklin Expedition, the subject of another very popular kit we carry from OcCre Models.

After Amundsen’s arrival in San Francisco following completion of the Northwest Passage, the Gjøa was on display at the west end of Golden Gate park until the early 1970s when it was returned to Norway and restored.

Check out Constructo’s Gjøa kit at Ages of Sail here:,-1:640.html

Constructo of Spain has been a long-time manufacturer of wooden model kits and is a very popular brand. You can check out the many other interesting kits of their product line here:

Note that we’ve been selling a lot of Constructo kits over the past few months and we’re currently out of stock on many, but shipments are coming in all the time and we’re expecting more soon. Ω

One thought on “Constructo’s Gjøa Back in Stock

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    This is a kit that I haven’t seen on the market for many years. Certainly, Ages of Sail hasn’t been carrying it for a long time now. Nice to see this classic back.

    The pre-sewn sails and the tools bundle is a nice touch. At $140, it seems like a very good deal.


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