Schwarzer Rabe Customer Pics

Last week, we described sending out a Shipyard paper model kit to a ship modeler who was stuck in a place where he had no ship modeling projects available and no tools. We got these photos in today to show how much progress he made in a couple weeks time during his isolation.

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

The customer described the most difficult process so far was the fitting of the interior deck pieces. Apparently, these were a very tight fit, and some trimming was necessary in order to fit them in more easily.

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Schwarzer Rabe paper model kit

Also, a couple mistakes were make in adding the hull lining layer, with a pair of pieces accidentally swapped between the right and left sides. Perhaps as a result of this, corresponding pieces on either side of the hull ended up too small somehow, so the builder cut new pieces from scrap paper. This apparently worked perfectly, and the build continues.

This kit, the Dutch Fluit Schwarzer Rabe is one of several paper model ship kits we carry from Shipyard of Poland. This particular kit is available as a stand-alone kit, or as one of two models included in the Battle of Oliwa “Opponents” series kit (the other being the Papegojan). Due to some over sight, the Battle of Oliwa set isn’t on our shop site. It is in stock however, so expect to see this corrected shortly. Ω

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