Kolderstok’s Speel-Jaght Now on Sale

It wasn’t more than two weeks ago that we announced that we’d received a new shipment from Kolderstok, replenishing our supply of the Dutch kits, including the popular Duyfken ship model kit. Well, it seems that there must have been some ship modelers out their waiting for this kit to be back in stock again, and they all sold in a very short time.

Well, that’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ve just listed the most recent release from Kolderstok, the Speel-Jaght!

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

The new Kolderstok kit is a 1/50-scale model kit of a type of boat that began to appear in the early 1600s, as people began sailing, not just for commerce or fighting, but for the joy of sailing, and pleasure yachts began to appear.

This is the smallest and least expensive of the Kolderstok kits, unless you include the Bijboot, ship’s boat kit. The kit includes laser-cut frames and some parts, walnut planking, dowels for the masts and spars, rigging material, blocks, all necessary fittings, sail material, and photo-based instructions with text in Dutch, English, and German. Stand is also included.

According to Kolderstok, this kit is a difficult level of 1 on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being easiest.

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

Order your Kolderstok Speel-Jaght kit for only $129.99 at Ages of Sail here.

Check out the entire Kolderstok line of wooden model ship kits here.

Or check out one of the many other wooden ship model kits we carry at Ages of Sail!

One thought on “Kolderstok’s Speel-Jaght Now on Sale

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    Kolderstok’s Speel-Jaght is a unique and interesting looking kit from one of the newest ship model kit manufacturers in the industry. Looks like a nice one to try out for those looking to build something different from everyone else.


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