Artesania Latina’s New 1/65-Scale Vasa Kit

We just received a big shipment of products from the “new and improved” Artesania Latina, so we’re finally recovering after the holidays depleted our stocks of this long-time popular brand. In addition, we’ve receive some new kits you might want to check out, as well as the return of an old favorite, the San Juan Nepomuceno. But, the biggest news by far is the release of their brand new kit of the 17th century Swedish warship Vasa.

This spectacular kit is made for the Expert Level modeler and is produced in 1/65-scale, making it one of the largest Vasa kits available at 42″ long and 34″ high. The kit makes heavy use of die-cast and photo-etched decorations, and there are a LOT of them!

To build this kit, you will want to make sure that painting figures is something you enjoy, because there are a lot of them, and, unlike other kits that give you shiny metal decorations, this kit is set up for you to paint the figures as was done on the real ship. And to help you with that, Artesania Latina provides a complete, 60-page painting guide.

Excerpt from the kit’s painting guide

But, it’s not all about painting. This is a newly designed, detailed wooden ship model kit. And, while it’s made for the expert modeler, it contains a set of pictorial instructions that guide the builder carefully through every step. To do that, they’ve come up with an unprecedented 400+ page set of color instructions. These are provided in electronic format on DVD, and can also be downloaded directly to your computer.

Excerpt from the Vasa kit instructions

This is a modern designed kit like no other, and will keep any ship modeler challenged, but does the utmost to help you successfully build an amazing and historically accurate model. The kit even comes complete with pre-sewn sails, a display stand, and 6 specially crafted 17th century crew figures, just for this kit.


This is a model kit that you’re going to want to check out, which you can do at Ages of Sail here:,-1:65).html Ω

2 thoughts on “Artesania Latina’s New 1/65-Scale Vasa Kit

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    As I announced in a previous post, Artesania Latina’s new Vasa kit is here! Ages of Sail reportedly has several of the kits in stock. This kit seems to mark another step-up for this classic ship model company, which in the old days, was often the first brand that future ship modelers were exposed to, as they were carried in the standard hobby shop distribution chain.

    What seems most interesting now is the level of detail in the kit instructions. I don’t know how much of the instructions are included in the kit, as there are something like 400 pages of photo-based instructions. The kit includes a DVD and you can download them off the Internet as well, so I can’t imagine they’d print up such a massive book.

    Anyway, check it out. You may find your next ship model project!


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