New Kits from Türkmodel Now in Stock

Türkmodel, or Turk Model as we have them listed, is a major manufacturer of wooden ship model kits based in Turkey. For the past several years, the company has engaged in the production of wooden model ship and boat kits using computer aided design technology to their create model kits. They have been producing kits under their own label, as well as kits for regional companies like Nordic Class Boats, Modell-Tec, and others. 

Turk Model’s line up of ship and boat model kits includes fishing boats, passenger ferries, various workboats, recreational sail boats and speed boats, and then some. One example is the Swedish passenger ship Bohuslän, produced for Nordic Class Boats. This kit is a big 1/45-scale model that now includes an LED lighting set. The model is designed so that it can be converted to R/C operation, though it makes a beautiful display model.


At Ages of Sail, we’ve just expanded our inventory by introducing 10 new Turk Model kits. To read more about the model kit or to order one, simply click on the linked images below.


Killing Sailboat


Astraal Fishing Boat


M/S Finnmarken


FPV Westra


Kubra Retro Speed Boat


Taka, Black Sea Fishing Boat


Skibladner Paddle Steamer


Jeanett Nordic Fishing Boat


Oselvar Faering


Conny Nordic Fishing Boat


You can also browse the full line of Turk Model kits that we carry at Ages of Sail here:


One thought on “New Kits from Türkmodel Now in Stock

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    Ages of Sail posted on their blog today that they got in a number of new kits from the Turkish ship model kit manufacturer Türkmodel.

    I’ve never built one of their kits, but I am familiar with the Bohuslän kit that they produced for Nordic Class Boats. Türkmodel still produces the kit, though I’m not sure that Nordic Class Boats is still in existence.

    From what I understand, the kits are produced using digital design tools and make heavy use of laser-cut parts. My own experience with other manufacturers and laser-cut parts is that you have be just be extra careful when aligning these parts, so as to avoid fitting and alignment issues later in the build.

    One thing to be aware of is that Türkmodel, like more and more manufacturers, has done away with the inclusion of printed plans or instructions in their kits. To get the plans, you simply need to download them. You can then choose to print any or all of the instructions if needed. While some people may balk at this, it reduces cost of production and shipping weight. And, you don’t have to wait until you buy the kit in order to see what the build it like, just download the instructions.


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