New Kit Sneak Peek: Shackleton’s ship Endurance

Just found out today that OcCre has produced another new kit, which they announced on their Facebook page today. The kit is a 1:70-scale model of the ship Endurance, which carried Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew on their famous Trans-Antarctic Imperial Expedition in 1914.

The Endurance was a 3-masted barquentine or barkentine that was first built in Norway as the Polaris and renamed the Endurance by Shackleton when it was purchased for the expedition. The 144 foot long ship is described as one of the most heavily built wooden hulled ships in the world, designed to withstand the crushing pressure of operating in ice flows.

We don’t have a lot of details on the new kit from OcCre, except that completed model is said to measure a length of about 29.7″ and a height of 17.5″, and that we should have them in stock in another week or two. So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some photos of the new kit. Hopefully, this will whet your appetites until the new kits goes online.

And if all those photos aren’t enough for you, how about this Youtube sneak preview video?

Check back with us in the coming days for the latest word on the availability of this amazing looking new kit. Our initial stocks may be a bit limited, so check here often and be among the first to get this new kit from OcCre, here at Ages of Sail.



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