Building the Amati “Arrow” Gunboat

Here’s an interesting post about building Amati’s Arrow Gunboat, a popular kit here at Ages of Sail.

The kit is an attractive model that doesn’t take up too much room at about 18-1/2″ long and about 11″ high, not including the launch ways style display stand that’s included in the kit. The kit lists for $108.99, and if you’re interested in building one for yourself, you can find in on our online shop here:

Ship Modeler

Amati Model of Italy makes a wide variety of interesting ship modelings subjects. In early 2018, I finished building their Swedish Gunboat kit. Like that one, another gunboat that has been around for as long as I can remember, and was always intrigued by, is the “Arrow” an American Gunboat from the period around the War of 1812.

The Jeffersonian era was an interesting time in American naval history in the desire to use defensive gunboats in place of large expensive warships. As a result, there were numerous gunboat designs implemented. In Howard Chapelle’s book, The History of the American Sailing Navy, several of these designs can be found. Among them is a design that Chapelle describes as a “galley gunboat showing Mediterranean influence.” Clearly, this was the drawing that inspired the Arrow gunboat kit.

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