No NRG Conference for 2021

Well, this is sad news. We were looking forward to having a presence at this year’s NRG Conference, and the Channel Islands Maritime Museum has such a beautiful collection of ship models that it’s an inspiration to us all.

This is the second conference in a row that’s been cancelled. They say that third time is a charm, but the Fall of 2022 is just so far away.

Well, hopefully, we’ll come up with some good news to share in upcoming posts!

Ship Modeler

Sad news for fans of the Nautical Research Guild’s annual conferences. The NRG secretary just announced that there will again be no annual NRG conference this year due to continued Covid concerns.


The conference was to take place in the Fall at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum, the same place as originally planned for the 2020 conference, which was also cancelled.  The next conference will now be in 2022, and the intent is to hold it at the same venue location.

It’s unfortunate that the conference had to be again cancelled, but as the NRG secretary explained, many NRG members are at high risk for Covid exposure, so the board of directors made the difficult call to cancel the event.

It looks as though the annual meeting that usually takes place at the conference will be held virtually via Zoom or some similar videoconferencing service. Further details on this meeting…

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