A Wooden Wütender Hund Cog Model Build

While it might be in a different language, it’s still nice to find a beautifully executed model built from a kit from the Polish card manufacturer, Shipyard. In this case, this is one of the recent wooden kits produced of a medieval cog they call the Wütender Hund.

Shipyard’s wooden kits are almost identical to their laser-cut card model kits, just in thin wood. Being wood, they require no painting. But, an application of a nice finish makes for a beautiful looking model.

At Ages of Sail, we carry two wooden Shipyard kits, the Wütender Hund and the Kogge von Kampen, as well as the two laser-cut card model kits Wütender Hund and Hanse Kogge von Bremen.

Find all the Shipyard cog kits here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/paper-kits/cog-kits.html

Ship Modeler

As I work to finish up my Shipyard laser-cut card model of the Bremen Cog, I’ve been following a couple other builds of similar models. One that I just ran across today is on a German model building forum.

The build is well photo documented and the builder is doing a beautiful job. His model is not the same subject as mine – He’s building the wooden Shipyard kit called the Wütender Hund, or the “Angry Dog”. The hull is very similar to mine, which is officially called the Hanse Kogge von Bremen, 1380, but the stern castle and forecastle are based on historical images of other cogs.

Wütender Hund model by “Pietpieterszoon”

Anyway, you might want to check this out. It’s not complete – the builder was working on the model in November and December and is just about to get to the rigging stage. But, it’s very nicely…

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