Building A Master Korabel Ship’s Boat Kit

Master Korabel makes some 1/72-scale ship’s boat kits that may be the ultimate, most accurately detailed ship’s boats available for your ship model. They’re also pretty complex kits that might make for an excellent small weekend(week?) project for experience ship modelers, and nice small stand-alone display models.

Here’s the first part of the build of Master Korabel’s MK0101 95mm Ship’s Boat kit.

If you want to try one out for yourself, we have all three of their ship’s boat kits available. Each sells for just $24.99, and is a good introduction to what Master Korabel kits are all about.

Ship Modeler

Master Korabel is a Russian wooden ship model kit manufacturer that have been sold in the U.S. for a couple years now. They’re kits are all in a scale of 1:72 and they’re developed using Computer Aided Design, or CAD.

They have a fairly limited offering at this time with seven wooden kits of ships , none with more than two masts. But they also have three ship’s boat kits ranging from a 4-oared yawl, 2-3/4″ long, to a 10-oared ship’s boat, 3-1/2″ long. I picked up the larger of the ship’s boats kits to get an idea of how these kits go together

The largest ship’s boat kit, MK0101, is 95mm long, or about 3-1/2″. About the first thing I did after opening up the kit and laying everything out was to put it all right back in the box. I was just too taken aback by how thin…

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