Paul Reck’s Gunboat Philadelphia Model at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Shipping completed models can be very expensive. Check out this solution in a story of a ship model that flew from California to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in a seat aboard a United Airlines flight!

This model, by the way, was built by a member the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights, of one of the local ship model clubs here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights

Special congratulations are in order to our very own Commodore Paul Reck with the induction of his model of the Revolutionary War era gunboat Philadelphia into the collection of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum!

Check out the story of how the model ended up traveling across the county in a seat on a United Airlines flight.

Boat on a Plane: A new acquisition travels home

Paul’s model is a 1/24-scale scratch build, based on a set of plans obtained from the Smithsonian, where the original gunboat is preserved and on display. Ω

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