HMS Sphinx from Vanguard Models Now in Stock

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the newest release from Vanguard Models, HMS Sphinx, has made it to our shores and is now available at Ages of Sail!

HMS Sphinx was a 20-gun sixth-rate warship of the British Royal Navy, launched in 1775 at Portsmouth Dockyard. Technically, she is not a frigate, but a sloop-of-war. However, she was “frigate built” with connected quarterdeck and forecastle.

This 1/64-scale kit measures 31.4″ long and 24.7″ high, and is not for the faint of heart. Take a look at some of the details of the model’s construction…

This is a big, heavy kit, that uses a lot of MDF for the hull structure, with finishing materials that include laser-cut pearwood for all visible wood parts, laser-cut and laser-etched decks that include planking and treenail detail, walnut dowels for masts and yard, 5 sheets of photo-etched brass, and a LOT more.

This is one of the finest quality kits on the market in terms of parts, wood quality, details, and scale accuracy. If you’re interested in taking on this fabulous kit, it is in stock now at Ages of Sail in limited quantities, and you can find it here.

Though we usually ship out orders by the next business day, the shipping companies are expecting delays in delivery. So, remember to order early this holiday season! Ω

One thought on “HMS Sphinx from Vanguard Models Now in Stock

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    A couple months ago, Chris Watton released his latest and greatest kit to date through his company Vanguard Models. The kit is a 1/64-scale model of the 20-gun sixth rate HMS Sphinx. This looks like a real gem of a kit and it is now available at Ages of Sail.

    This kit looks amazing and even includes the main deck details such as the interior of the foc’sle as well as the great cabin and other internal details under the quarterdeck.

    This is an incredible kit that’s worth checking out.


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