An Amati Drakkar Viking Ship Build

An Australian ship modeler that goes by the screen name of Amfibius built an incredibly well done Drakkar Viking Ship that he built from a kit by Amati Model. The model photos were posted on the ModelShipWorld forum was back in 2013, but that doesn’t take away from the great presentation he made of his model.

We reached out to him and asked him if we could share his photos and news about his build on our blog. So, here’s his beautiful Drakkar build, presented here with his permission.

From the use of the sculpted base to the old style dolphin used as a pedestal to the small collection of items in the corner where the anchor sits, we think this presentation is wonderful. And look at the wonderful detail added to the sail. The Amati kit includes sail cloth, but the detail and the painted vertical bands shown here, take this kit a step beyond.

Amati’s kit is actually a plank-on-frame kit, with all the planks laser-cut, simplifying construction. The frames are laser-cut as well, complete with notches set into their edges, so that the lapstraked planking seats nicely into place.

The Amati kit

The kit includes shields and the dragon figurehead cast in metal with a bronze finish, so that you can use these pieces as-is, or fix them up as you see fit. In the case of the model by Amfibius, you can see that he clearly showed some artistry in  detailing these parts.

Here are some more great photos of this Drakkar model. If you want to see even more of this model, just visit his album on ModelShipWorld here:

The completed model measures just over 17″ long, and is one of the more popular kits that we sell here at Ages of Sail. If you’re interested in building your own model of a classic Viking ship, visit our online shop. The Amati Drakkar Viking Ship can be found here:

And, if you do build this kit, be sure to send us some nice photos so we can share them here on our blog! Ω



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