Amati Gunboat “Arrow” Build – In the Beginning

Amati Model’s American Gunboat Arrow, is a unique kit in that it represents an unusual style of American gunboat that was used at the time of the War of 1812. This lateen-rigged, Mediterranean style design was developed by naval architect Josiah Fox and it was one of many designs that were created and built to defend the American coasts, lakes, and rivers.

Due to the amount of detail, and unusual hull style, Amati’s kit is probably best identified as an intermediate kit, or at least an advanced beginner kit.

There are few kits available of American gunboats. But, if you want to try your hand at this build, you can find it at Ages of Sail here:

Ship Modeler

I’ve turned my attention back toward the completion of the Amati Gunboat “Arrow” kit and it’s coming along. I’m ready to deal with rigging and the sails as most of the hull and deck detail is done. This is a kit that I started quite some time ago, but other things pushed it on a back burner, and I mean way back, because I started it in 2014.

I’ll post an update soon. But, I’ve written a few posts now about building this Amati kit, and mostly of the middle stages of construction. For those who are interested in building the kit, since the construction of this kit is unlike most ship model kits I’ve encountered, I thought it might be good to post some photos from the early stages of construction. 

On thing in particular that makes this kit unusual is that this is a shallow draft gunboat, so…

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