Amati Gunboat “Arrow” Build – In the Beginning, Part 2

Another update here on this build of Amati’s Arrow Gunboat kit, an American galley gunboat from the era of the War of 1812. This update fills in the earlier stages of construction of this model, which is nearing completion.

Of course, this is an available kit, here at Ages of Sail, ideal for a ship modeler with a little bit of experience looking for a smaller wooden ship model kit of a uncommon subject. If you’re interested in building this kit, you can find it here:

Ship Modeler

As I continue progress with the Amati “Arrow” American Gunboat kit, I wanted to wrap up my look at the earlier stages of this kit, which began as described in the earlier post Amati Gunboat “Arrow” Builde – In the Beginning. After the part where I left off last, the footrests for the rowing stations were added, and these openings in the deck were lined.

I found the provided wood had a nice natural look to them, so I avoided any painting of the model. I edged the planking in pencil, and I simulated the treenails in the deck by simply drilling holes for them. I found that the wood dust filled in the holes and made for a very natural look, especially after the application of a little danish wood oil.

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