Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 5

The latest installment in this build of Shipyard’s 1/72 laser-cut kit HMS Wolf. The build and the kit continue to impress. It’s also amazing how quickly the model has progressed. How long ago was this started? About six weeks ago?

The detail is amazing, and it looks like it won’t be long before the deck furnishings start to go on.

You can find the kit in our online shop here:,-1754-1:72—shipyard-zl029-laser-cardboard-kit.html

But, if you’re interested in trying out a different subject, you can find the full line of laser-cut card model kits, including light house kits, all in 1/72 scale.

Ship Modeler

The Shipyard 1/72-scale laser-cut card HMS Wolf build continues with details and lots and lots of little parts and a couple issues trying to follow instructions. Apparent progress has slowed somewhat, since hull construction is complete and I entered a phase of hull detailing. Still things are really flying along in comparison to wooden model ship building, and I managed to add the stern gallery with it’s decorative columns and windows.

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