Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 6

Another installment of the building of Shipyard’s laser-cut card model of HMS Wolf in 1/72 scale. This is the sixth such installment and the model is looking truly amazing. It is surprising that we have not seen many other builds of this or other Shipyard laser-cut card models. We hope that others will be inspired to build them and post their progress on the various ship modeling forums.

We can’t wait to see how this model looks with some rigging. But, it seems like it will happen pretty soon.

Ship Modeler

Shipyard’s HMS Wolf laser-cut card kit is moving along, but progress seems slower. The details take time to add and they’re not as obvious from photo to photo. However, I’ve completed the rudder and just need to add it to the model. Also, if you look closely at the photo here, you can see the most obvious addition are all the timberheads at the forecastle rail as well as the posts for the swivel guns. Lastly, did you spot the channels at the sides of the hulls?

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