Newest Release from Vanguard Models – HMS Indefatigable

The “Indi” is here! Chris Watton of Vanguard Models has outdone himself again and produced this newest biggest kit of their product line, His Matesty’s 44-gun frigate Indefatigable, 1794.

This 1:64-scale wooden model ship it measures over 50″ in overall length, and nearly 35″ tall. This is a monster of a kit with tons of details, including a full, open gun deck – no dummy cannons here – a detailed great cabin, and much, much more. Here’s a sample of photos of this incredible new kit.

Some of you may recognize the ship’s name from the Horatio Hornblower saga, but she was a real ship, designed by Sir Thomas Slade as one of the Ardent-class 64 gun ships of the line, but later razee’d to a 44-gun gun frigate, as she is modeled here.

This is a fully masted and rigged model kit, though these photos only show her hull construction. Check out the details of this new and most exciting kit, available now at Ages of Sail here:,-vanguard-models).html  Ω


One thought on “Newest Release from Vanguard Models – HMS Indefatigable

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    This newest kit from Vanguard Models is a really exciting development. Truly an awe inspiring kit. Certainly not cheap, but it looks like it will build into an big and amazing model.

    You can certainly save a bit of money on the purchase of this kit using Ages of Sail’s free shipping option for kits over $150. I understand that this kit weights well over 30 pounds.


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