Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part 4

Ship modeler Clare Hess posts his progress on his group build of the Swedish Gunboat kit by Amati (Cannoniera Svedese). This is an inexpensive kit that offers some challenges as described his blog posts.

Ship Modeler

Well, I did not end up finish this model for the IPMS show in San Jose in March. I decided to set it aside to let others in our build group catch-up, though I know that two of the members are at least as far along as I am. Anyway, I had work to do to for my display of Japanese boats, which ran from March 1st through the 31st.

Then, last weekend, we had a ship modelers’ get-together again at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. It’s been the usual 3 months since our last gathering and it was good to see the fellow ship modelers and their projects again.

Only one other member of the Swedish Gunboat Project group brought his model, but he’s new to ship modeling and pressing ahead. I originally thought I would just wait for the other two members, who have been too tied…

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Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part I

Ship Modeler

While I haven’t really considered this among my list of current builds, I am continuing this project for our local build group project. There are still 5 of us, each working on his own model. We last got together back in late August, and I have hardly touched it, hoping that those who are a behind will have some time to get caught up.

Here are some photos showing the early progress on my model.

This kit’s hull is supposed to be single-planked using 1mm beech wood. This seemed awfully thin for a single planking layer, so we decided to use some balsa filler blocks to fill in between the frames. This worked out quite nicely. I think it was the first time any of us tried the technique.

One of the first things I did was to cut away the exposed portion of the strongback/keel. My original plan was…

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Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part 3

The latest update on a build of Amati’s Swedish Gunboat 1775 kit, AM1550, under construction (note that sometimes you’ll see the kit with the Italian name Cannoniera Svedese).

Ship Modeler

A couple weeks ago, we had another quarterly meeting of ship modelers at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. This is the group that includes our group build of the Amati Swedish Gunboat kit. We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately, so it’s literally put a damper on ship model meeting attendance over the past couple months. But, one of the other members of the group build showed up, and it was enough to inspire me to press on with this build.

The other builder is new to ship modeling and he had questions about bending wood for the railing on the boat. This got me pushing ahead. Hopefully, other builders are continuing construction on their models. I feel a little bad about leaving anyone behind on the build, but we’ve had the kit for 8 months, and it’s a very small and simple model.

At this point, I’d like…

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Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part 2

A model of Amati’s Swedish Gunboat kit, AM1550, under construction. This small kit is relatively inexpensive, but challenging. These gunboats were armed with a single, rear-firing cannon, and used in squadrons for coastal defense in the late 18th century. Similar boats were used by other European nations as well. Check out the Amati kit, in stock now, at Ages of Sail.

Ship Modeler

While this is a group build that I’ve been working on together with 4 other people in a local group of ship modelers, a couple people have fallen behind and we haven’t had a group build meeting in many months now. So, I decided I should be making some progress. I know a couple others have made headway on their projects, and I figured I should get caught up a little.

I began by working on the gratings and also planking the main deck piece, which glues onto the top of the hull. The kit includes walnut for the planking. Some builders had been discussing the idea of planking the deck piece topside and bottom side, since it’s just a piece of thin plywood. I decided just to plank the topside. The only visible issue of plywood is the edge, but that is to be covered with a small walnut…

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Bay Area Ship Modelers’ Group Build – Amati’s Swedish Gunboat

Here’s a great way to get your ship model club members to actually work on ship models and generate some good discussion!

Ship Modeler

It’s not enough that I belong to two long-standing Bay Area ship model clubs, the Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights and the South Bay Model Shipwrights, but a couple years back, I got together with a couple local people I met on the ship modeling forums and we started a quarterly get-together that mostly meets at the Naval and Historical Museum in Vallejo, California.

Recently, a couple of us discussed the merits of having us all, or at least a group of us, working on the same kit, but each person with his own model. The idea was that we could better discuss techniques and problem solving if we were all dealing with the same issues at, more or less, the same time.

Being that physical location of the ship model store and distributor Ages of Sail is pretty local to all of us, we decided to go with…

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