Amati Swedish Gunboat Build – Part 2

A model of Amati’s Swedish Gunboat kit, AM1550, under construction. This small kit is relatively inexpensive, but challenging. These gunboats were armed with a single, rear-firing cannon, and used in squadrons for coastal defense in the late 18th century. Similar boats were used by other European nations as well. Check out the Amati kit, in stock now, at Ages of Sail.

Ship Modeler

While this is a group build that I’ve been working on together with 4 other people in a local group of ship modelers, a couple people have fallen behind and we haven’t had a group build meeting in many months now. So, I decided I should be making some progress. I know a couple others have made headway on their projects, and I figured I should get caught up a little.

I began by working on the gratings and also planking the main deck piece, which glues onto the top of the hull. The kit includes walnut for the planking. Some builders had been discussing the idea of planking the deck piece topside and bottom side, since it’s just a piece of thin plywood. I decided just to plank the topside. The only visible issue of plywood is the edge, but that is to be covered with a small walnut…

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