Amati’s Drakkar Viking Ship, by the South Bay Model Shipwrights

At a recent meeting, member of the South Bay Model Shipwrights club brought out their model of the Drakkar Viking Ship. The model was a kind of group build by several club members who teamed up to complete this model kit from Amati.

The model is approximately 1/50 scale, features laser-cut lap-strake planking, and measures a little over 17″ long.

Amati Viking Ship

Amati Viking Ship

Amati Viking Ship

The model was going through a few finishing touches, so it was displayed here without oars. A case is being prepared, after which the group will display the model at various events, like the upcoming IPMS event in San Jose.  The plan with then be to display this beautiful model at the retail shop of Ages of Sail in San Lorenzo, which provided the kit.

If you’re interested in building this kit yourself, you can find it here:

Local Ship Model Club at the Fair

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The South Bay Model Shipwrights, a group that has a long history of being an active part of the ship modeling community has recently worked with the organizers of the San Mateo County Fair to bring wooden ship models back on display. The club’s membership, lead by president Jim Rhetta, put together quite a collection of kit built and scratch built ship models, with the idea of getting models out in the public where people can see and appreciate them.

Hopefully, these will inspire new ship modelers to build models and possibly join the club’s ranks, and also to create some interest among the younger audience. Model building is a hobby that’s less popular with the lure of Internet and video games, but there are certain to be those that will still look upon models like these with a certain amount of awe, and will hopefully develop their creative drives.