Ages of Sail at IPMS Silicon Valley Scale Modelers 2019 Classic

The Silicon Valley Scale Modelers will be holding their model show again, the SVSM 2019 Classic on Saturday, March 17th, March 16th, 2019, and Ages of Sail will again be there.

Ages of Sail table at the Silicon Valley 2017 Classic.

The South Bay Model Shipwrights club is also expected to have a table there, and will likely be located right next door again, making for a whole ship modeling section at the event.

South Bay Model Shipwrights members manning their table next to ours at the SV 2017 Classic.

This is officially an IPMS event, which is the International Plastic Modelers Society. However, they include models of all types, including ones of resin, paper, and wood. Expect to see an increasing number of ship models and this and future events, as the South Bay Model Shipwrights takes a more active role of getting out in front of the public to support the hobby of ship modeling.

We’ll be sure to bring lots of stuff for all to look at and purchase. Hope to see you there! Ω

4 thoughts on “Ages of Sail at IPMS Silicon Valley Scale Modelers 2019 Classic

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  2. Reblogged this on The Ship Modeler and commented:
    If you happen to be in the area on Saturday, March 16, please stop by the Ages of Sail table at the IPMS show in San Jose, CA. I’ll be manning the table and this year I expect to enter a model or two. Most likely, I’ll enter one of my Japanese boats – probably the Higaki Kaisen, as it’s the most complicated and unusual in appearance. I’ll probably also enter the little paper lighthouse I made, since paper models are still pretty unusual. The Amati Swedish Gunboat may also make a final appearance before I move it to the display case at Ages of Sail.

    The Ages of Sail table is always right next to the South Bay Model Shipwrights table, of which I’m a member, so I may bring a display model for their table, like the Mary Taylor.

    Chances are that I’ll also has one or two things in-progress. My HMS Mercury is a good candidate for that since Ages of Sail sells the kit (maybe I’ll bring a couple kits) and people are usually intrigued that it’s a paper model.

    And, while my Dana fishing boat is a possibility, I think people might be more interested in seeing my Amati “Arrow” American Gunboat. I haven’t really posted anything about that build, as it was intended as something I’d work on only while I was at the model shop at Hyde Street Pier. I’ve since brought it home, so I’ll probably get started with blog posts on that shortly.

    In any case, hope to see you at the IPMS show. Please stop by and say hello!


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