Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – Part 5: Hull Details

The build of the Billing Boats Dana continues. At $69, this is one of the least expensive of the Billing Boats (or any manufacturer’s) kits. It’s something of a bridge between plastic model building and wooden model ship building as it features at ABS plastic hull and deck, with wooden parts added and fittings in brass, wood, and plastic.

You can find the kit at Ages of Sail here:—billing-boats-bb200.html

Ship Modeler

The Prop

After painting the hull and adding the prop, I went ahead and decided that I didn’t like the position of the prop. Now, you may not care enough about it to want to change anything, but it was bugging me. Now, I may be wrong, but I’m glad I made the changes.

The prop points downward. On a real boat, this would drive the bow downwards, which may be the whole point. The boat may be more stable, operating with the bow not riding up above the water. But, the images of the completed model don’t seem to have the prop pointing down quite so much.

The main issue here is really that the shape of the rudder assembly prevents you from mounting the prop in a “nicer” fashion – the top of the prop hits the wooden frame. Really, all you need to do here is shave…

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One thought on “Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – Part 5: Hull Details

  1. As someone who is the owner of a 30 foot boat the hull and propellor of which have to be inspected and antifouled every year, I can assure you that the angle of a propellor shaft leaving the boat is not horizontal but angling downwards so I think that the Dana 200 model is probably accurate with its downward angled propellor.


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