New! Live Steam Products from Saito Manufacturing

We’ve just put up our newest line of products on our website, Live Steam kits from Saito Manufacturing of Japan. Ages of Sail signed an agreement to distribute Saito steam engines and RC boat kits in the US and we got our initial shipment in recently. We’re really excited about the new line and how beautifully made the steam engines are.

The RC boat kits are all designed especially for steam operation using their recommended engines and boilers and burners. We carry the Boiler and Burner combinations to make purchases a bit easier. The RC boat kits (except the T-1 Steam Boat) do not include the engines, so if you want to build them as static models, you can. You might also be able to adapt most to electric operation. But, we’re sure you’re going to want to try out the live steam operation.

One kit in particular, the T-1 Steam Boat, is designed to get you into steam operation right away as it DOES include the steam engine and boiler. All burners run on methanol. Optional accessories haven’t been listed on the website yet, but include pressure gauges, smoke tank and smoke oil, and optional drain tanks.

The RC boat kits feature fiberglass hulls, wooden structural parts, brass, aluminum and cast fittings as well as some plastic fittings for some items. Instruction in English

And YES, we have them in stock now! Check them out: Live Steam at Ages of Sail

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