Mariefred Kit Gets German Magazine Award

We have few details, but it was reported to us that a German magazine presented what I believe is a magazine reader’s award for for best display model for Nordic Class Boat’s Mariefred kit to… Krick.

Mariefred award 2015

Krick is a German kit manufacturer that sells the Nordic Class Boats kits in Germany. Why Krick received the award and not Nordic Class Boats is not known.

Still… congratulations to all involved! It is a great kit as has been illustrated by our own customers, including Bob Burnside, whose Mariefred model photos we posted recently.


In addition to the Mariefred, we also carry all of manufacturer’s other kits including:

  • The Bohuslän – a steamer similar to the Mariefred
  • CB90H – Used by the US Navy as the Riverine Command Boat
  • Svea – Nordic fishing trawler
  • Svea R/C – Large scale R/C version of the Nordic fishing trawler
  • Solö Ruff – Classic Swedish-built day cruiser “Baltic Sea Chaser”
  • Schooner Vega – Swedish Tall Ship, built as a freighter in 1909.

Check them all out at Ages of Sail!




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