Mariefred by Nordic Class Boats – Ship Modeler Bob Burnside Shares His Photos


We just heard from one of our customers, Bob Burnside, that he recently completed his build of the s/s Mariefred, a 1/32-scale model of a Swedish coastal steamer.

According to the manufacturer’s website “s/s Mariefred is the steamship that is owned by Gripsholms-Mariefreds Ångfartygs AB and has been serving the route Stockholm – Enhörna – Mariefred since 1903. It is probably the ship that has been serving the same route for the longest consecutive years and still doing it with it’s original steamengine. The ship is an important part of shipping history in the lake Mälaren and it is in service every summer.”

Bob went an extra step and added interior LED lighting. You can visit his build log on The NRG’s Model Ship World.




In the last photo, while it is a daylight shot, if you look closely, you can see the LEDs Bob installed in the model’s interior. Compare this with the middle photo and you’ll definitely see the light!

This beautifully built model is just over 3′ long. If you’re interested in building one yourself, you can find it on Ages of Sail, the U.S. Distributor for kits from Nordic Class Boats. Ω

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