Coming Soon! The New Ages of Sail Showroom & Model Craft Tool Shop

Ages of Sail is expanding yet again!


With an increase in the number of product lines we’re carrying, out storage needs got absolutely ridiculous and products had to be warehoused in two separate locations. Luckily, a neighboring space became available earlier this year and Ages of Sail has been busily re-arranging, remodeling and preparing a new physical store right next door to our old location, which is now our warehousing and shipping department.

Things are a bit of a mess as we are still in the process of setting up the new store. But, here are some images of isle after isle ship model kits, tools, fittings, books, accessories,  oh and MORE ship model kits.

Our new space isn’t official open for business yet. But stay tuned for our grand opening announcement. Once we’re all set up, we hope you’ll be able to visit us. But, even if you can’t, we’re still here to serve you online and over the phone with all these great new products we’re adding. So, check us out!


UPDATE: We’re now carrying high end tools from PROXXON, new kits, steam engines and accessories from Saito Manufacturing, the full line of multimedia (resin) kits from Cottage Industries, Billing Boats fittings, more books, more products, more, more, and MORE! Look for them online soon!

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