Civil War Era Kits from Cottage Industry Models

We’ve completely revamped our listing of kits from Cottage Industry Models. This long time producer of multimedia (resin) kits has been producing some very unique, very interesting and very detailed kits. We’ve had them in stock, but many of these somehow got removed from our website.

When we started setting up our new showroom, the kits showed up and we realized that these beautifully detailed kits needed to get back on our website in a hurry.

Five of these kits have been added to our listings and a couple others have been re-added: C.S.S. AlbemarleC.S.S. ArkansasC.S.S. PioneerC.S.S. Palmetto StateC.S.S. TennesseeDavid Bushnell’s “Turtle”.

Check out these photos of a nicely done model of C.S.S. Palmetto State, a 27″ long, 1/96-scale model featuring interior detail made with resin and metal fittings.




This is just one of many Cottage Industry Model kits available now at Ages of Sail.

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