New Windjammer Kits Exclusive

Ages of Sail has received a shipment of three remaining  Windjammer series kits that were originally produced in 2009-2011 as a combined venture between Billing Boats USA (now part of Ages of Sail) and Billing Boats Denmark. The kits include: the Monterey Fishing Boat, the Hoga Harbor Tug and the Vikingship Nordlandsbåden. These are in stock and ready to ship.


Monterey Fishing Boat

Billing Boats Monterey Fishing Boat

The RC capable Monterey Fishing Boat is back. This 1:20-scale model measures just 19.3″ long and 5.7″ high. The prop and propeller shaft are designed for RC operation. The original Montereys were once a common sight in San Francsico where they were built as an adaptation of the Italian felucca.


Harbor Tug Hoga (YT-146)

Billing Boats Harbor Tug Hoga

The Hoga is another returning kit from Billing Boats.  She was a United States Navy Woban-class district harbor tug named after the Sioux Indian word for “fish.” After World War II, the tug was known as Port of Oakland and then City of Oakland when she was a fireboat in that city.

Launched in 1940, she was assigned to duty at Pearl Harbor. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, she fought for 48 hours without a break, putting out fires, towing damaged warships and rescuing seamen.

The kit is a 1:50-scale model of this distinguished vessel measuring 24.4″ long and 12.2″ high.

Nordlandsbåden Vikingship

Billing Boats Nordlandsbåder

Nordlandsbåden is a type of Vikingship from Northern Norway, and dates from the 17th Century. As a fishing boat it saw its most popular days from the 18th Century until the appearance of engine-driven fishing boats.

These boats were extremely efficient and seaworthy. They represent a shipping culture and form which originates from the days of the Vikings. The boats are still built today, and they compete in races and regattas along the Northern coasts.

The Nordlandsbåden kit is 1:20-scale, measures 28″ long and 28″ high.

Check out these and other Billing Boats kits at Ages of Sail.







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